2016 Festive Hairstyles for Afro-American Women

Afro-American women who have special kinds of haircuts, hairstyles and hair colors should definitely find the most suitable hairdos for their locks. When it comes to black festive hairstyles for 2016 we try to offer the examples of famous celebrities and models. There are some stunning hairstyles that look both trendy and pretty at the same time and are great for different parties, formal occasions and special events. Here are some of the best ideas for you.black women hairstyles 2016Elegant Side Bun for Black Women

Side bun hairstyles are cute on any type of hair. They don’t ask hair color and sometimes work with short haircuts too. If you choose this hairstyle you’d better decorate it with glossy hair accessories to grab much attention. The choice of the accessory mainly depends on your outfits and on the rest of the accessories that you have decided to wear on that special day.black women curly side bun 2016Bridal Updo Hairstyle for Black Women

Big curls gathered on one side of hair will provide you with a glamorous wedding hairstyle. It is stylish and can look even trendier with the right chosen makeup and accessories. If you have side bangs you can curl them to a pin to aside for a more feminine attraction.  black women bridal hairstyle 2016Ombre Hair Color for Black Women

Brown ombre hair color is very delightful for black women. It changes your dark hair into a lighter one and lightens up your complexion. Besides you get a fresh hair color which is a cool style itself and can be used as a festive hairstyle even in super straight or curly forms.black women ombre hair 2016Wet-Looking Finger Wavesblack women retro updo hairstyle 2016What about the trendy retro style? Opt for it in 2016 to beautify your boyish short haircut. Marcel waves are more fabulous in wet-looking styles and tend to show off the shine and the fresh shade of your hair color.finger waves for black women 2016Short Curly Bob Hairstyle

In order to make your short bob haircut festive and more playful you can go for a nice curly hairdo. Curls will showcase your dark hair color with all its shine and will make you look younger. Combine this hairstyle with side swept bangs to have a rather seductive look.curly bob for black women 2016Side Braided Undercut Hairstyle

While many European women steal this hairstyle from Afro-American ladies we already know that it’s super festive hairdo for black women. The faux undercut effect which is created by side braids can also be styled into a lovely hair design. Each can choose the design she like and create a side undercut effect on her natural tresses.black women side braid hairstyle 2016



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