Bold Color-Melting Hairstyles for 2016

Color-melting is a brand new hair coloring idea for 2016. It is the evolved version of ombre hair colors which we love so much. Among so many bold and edgy hair colors color-melting is a subtler and more sophisticated in its [pastel shades. Though you may even see dark color-melting hues but they are so soft and delicate. After the flashy rainbow and cotton candy hairstyles now we are inspired by the color-melting hairstyles for 2016. It seems as if hairstylists have created a cool mixture of pastel andĀ ombre coloring techniques which provide us with astounding hairstyles. They sparkle both on straight and wavy hairdos.col color melting 2016Instead of dying only the tips of your locks in eye-catching hair colors now you can blend light and ravishing hair colors for your entire hair. With the right coloring technique you will achieve a well-balanced and harmonious result.color melting hairstyle 2016Professional hairstylists who are interested in this hair coloring should know that it is a perfectly blended highlighting option with the base hair color. The difference between simple highlighting and color-melting is that you use several shades to get a kind of meting effect on hair. These tints should be close to each other in their hues. If you increase the amount of shades the final result will be more delicate and refined. Your hairstylist can even create a cool optical illusion. short hair color melt 2016The most essential thing about this hair coloring is that it goes with most shades and skin tones. The effect makes you to stand out from the crowd and to capture many hearts with your unique appearance. Instead of waiting for your shade to fade and dye locks in a new hair color you can sport a dainty color-melting ombre hair color. Style your locks in super straight or slightly wavy hairstyles to bring out the fresh ravishing effect. No matter you have a short or long haircut, color-melting will make it more attractive. Before visiting your hairstylists let him/her know what you really want so that he/she can do some research to find out the best way of coloring your locks in color-melting. This is a new style and a few are aware of it. We wish you a stunning hair color in 2016 with amazing hairstyles which will highlight your cute and girlish nature. Be the first of your friends to amuse the mirror with your look.

light color melting hair 2016

light color melting hair 2016



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