Fabulous Highlights for Brunette Hair

Brunette hair color is very popular because it looks natural and attractive. Moreover, it is not of high maintenance like blonde or red color. Darker shades are really hot and dramatic and can be amazing complement to vampy look. But now I don’t want to talk about block colored brunette hair; instead, I will show you some of the hottest highlights for brunette hair that are meant to glam up casual hairstyle and turn it into a real masterpiece.

highlights for brunettes

natural highlights

The greatest advantage of brunette color is that it is suitable for all skin tones. If you have already got brunette hair, you can do nothing but spice it up with few highlights. Hair highlighting is a secret weapon of pro colorists and they definitely know how to turn boring hairstyle into picture perfect look. You can also become professional if you learn few hair coloring tricks. There are myriad styles of hair highlights as well as colors so let’s consider some of the most popular designs of new season.

Brunette hair color looks simply jaw dropping with blonde highlights. Such natural style of hair highlighting will add extra volume and movement to brunette hair. Thanks to wide palette of blonde color you can find perfect match for base tone. If you have light hair, you can add caramel or honey blonde highlights while for dark brunette hair golden or dirty blonde highlight color will be gorgeous option. The style of hair highlighting is also very important. As we are talking about natural style of hair highlighting, I offer you to go for thin highlights that will blend in dark hair and create natural look.

Brunette hair color will also look fantastic with vibrant and intense colors like red, blue, yellow, pink, purple and many other bold shades that will break the monotony of dark hair. In order to make such bold color more visible you should go for dramatic styles of hair highlighting like paneling, dip dyeing or chunky highlighting.

dramatic highlights ideas

bold highlights for brunette color



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