2016 Lovely Hairstyle Ideas for Teenage Girls

Being a teenager and looking cute is an essential thing each young girl should keep in her mind. This is the best period for experiments and new haircuts and hairstyles. Many girls feel self-freedom but not self-confidence in this age. In this case they should start from their appearance. Here we will give some hairstyle ideas for teen girls to use in 2016. Both short and long haircuts can be styled into lovely and fashionable hairstyles due to these simple tricks.teenage hairstyles 2016Tousled Waves Hairstyle

The first hairstyle is a great idea for ladies who have short to medium haircuts. It’s a trendy tousled wavy hairstyle with a messy touch in it. Whether you like tight curls or loose waves tousled waves are super for any occasions. They are easy to achieve by curling tools and hair styling products such as gels or mousses. Whatever you choose do your best to get a voluminous, fuller-looking and dainty waves from the top to the tips. If you avoid the use of styling products or machines then opt for braiding techniques to get the same result.touseld waves for medium hair 2016Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle

So, the second one is a rather complicated and dainty hairstyle for long tresses. It is an old halo braid with modern solutions. Nowadays many women wear this hairstyle to look younger and girlish. It is chic and comfy especially for rainy and windy days. In order to get it you should section your hair into two equal parts. Braid your favorite plaits and bringing them to the top part create the crown effect. As a prom hairdo it is quite pleasing and good-looking. milkmaid braid hairstyle 2016 Fishtail Braid Hairstyle

The tendency of wearing this simple hairstyle is increasing day by day. Fishtail braid is loved not only by common stylish women but also by many celebrities and models who have long tresses. If you want to emphasize your cuteness and prettiness then the side fishtail braid can become your best friend in 2016. The simplest way to style it is parting hair into two sections and plating a side braid by the fishtail technique.fishtail braid hairstyle 2016Semi-Updo Hairstyle

Even the simplest semi-updo hairstyle is so feminine and attractive but if you are tired of that common hairdo and want to add a stylish touch then go for relaxed waves, long center parted bangs, braids, knots, twists or decorations to get a fresher and more innovative half-updo hairstyle. It is beautiful with long bangs which are blended with the rest of hair and is more luxurious with braids on the back part.half updo for teenagers 2016Twisted Ponytail Hairstyle

The delicate twisted ponytail beautified with subtle ribbons remind me of old hairstyle seen on the images of my mother. This is one of the best hairstyles for schoolgirls as it has simplicity and coziness in it at the same time. Besides hairstyles designed with ribbons are big trends for 2016 and they are everywhere in the fashion world. Twisted ponytails can be styled on medium to long haircuts.twisted ponytail hairstyle 2016



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