2014 Summer Ponytail Hairstyles

Simple ponytail hairstyle is the most popular one for all ages and this year too this style is the best option for any occasion. Every girl knows how to create simple ponytail hairstyle but not everyone knows right tricks to create chic ponytail. If you want to have eye catching look, you should learn few simple tips that will help you to upgrade your ponytail hairstyle.


low ponytail hairstyles 2014

Latest ponytail hairstyles are more relaxed and casual that will boost your natural beauty and sexuality. Messy ponytail hairstyle will be suitable for hot weather so check out 2014 summer ponytail hairstyles and practice your styling skills to recreate desired style.

center parted ponytail hairstyle

center parter sleek ponytail

messy side-ponytail-hairstyle

messy ponytail hairstyle

Center parting is still trendy and it is the easiest trick to create retro hairstyle. Center parted ponytail hairstyle will look elegant and stylish and will be suitable for any formal occasion. You can create sleek center parted ponytail or wear wavy ponytail hairstyle for more romantic image.

As we are talking about summer ponytail hairstyles, you should choose the one that will look simple without sophisticated twists. You can wear messy side ponytail or complete it with few loose strands to frame your face and soften the features. For more playful look add colorful ribbon or pretty headband.

simple ponytail hairstyle

backcombed ponytail hairstyle

ponytail hairstyle 20142014 Sleek-Ponytails

Elegant ponytail hairstyle 2014 is the best trick to hide oily and greasy hair. In order to create neat hairstyle first tease the roots, backcomb hair and then secure it with a band. You can also use dry shampoo before styling hair and then create ponytail hairstyle.

At last, if you want to have flirty and glamorous image, create wavy ponytail hairstyle with side parting and few loose strands. Those who are blessed with natural curls and waves, just can add curl enhancer or shine serum and then tie hair in loose ponytail. If you have straight hair you should first create loose waves with curling iron, pull back hair in a loose tail and then fix it with beautiful hair clip.



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