Celebrity Gray Hairstyles

Gray hair is no longer faux pas. If once women did everything to hide gray hair today the tendency of icy blonde and grayish hair is getting more and more popular. Women who do not have a single gray hair go for bleaching so if you are looking for new image you can consider those celebrity gray hairstyles and may be you would like to have similar daring look.

embedded_singer-pink-with-gray_hair katemoss

If you have blonde hair and you are looking for new ways to update your look you can add just a few gray strands like Kate Moss did. She transformed her blonde hair by bleaching the roots. Such hairstyle doesn’t look so bold yet it will make a difference and casual hairstyle will look much more interesting. There is one thing about such haircut; if you have dark hair you should go for regular touch ups to hide dark roots.

For more daring look you should definitely check out Rihanna’s gray hairstyle. She changed her black hair into dark gray that look really breathtaking when styled wavy. Rich pigmented color needs special hair care tips as well as special color protective serums that will provide hair with intense color and sheen.

For lighter shade of gray you can copy Kelly Osbourne’s image. Once she wore purple hair and it looked very dramatic. Then she added gray undertone that transformed her image and made it quite elegant.

What about lighter shades of gray. Blonde with gray undertone is very popular today. This can be great option for women with gray hair. Even if gray roots grow out they won’t be so obvious.

rihanna gray hair ellie-goulding-gray-hair

helen-mirren-gray-hair_color judy-dench-gray-hair_color

kelly-osbourne-gray_hair mary-kate-olsen-gray-hair




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