Celebrity Medium Hairstyles 2015

As one of the most popular hairstyles of 2015 summer is medium haircut it is frequently seen on the red carpet. Celebrities do love shoulder and chin length haircuts and they surely know how to wear it in the most luxurious and elegant ways. This collection of celebrity medium hairstyles 2015 represents some beautiful designs for your coming makeover.


Your modern medium haircut should have several details. Add soft or choppy layers to play with the texture. Medium layered haircut can be transformed in zillion ways and look what you can do with your hair.

Get classy vintage curly hair with curling iron or rollers. You can copy one of those side parted retro waves or massive vintage waves to complete evening gown. For more glamorous look you can complete side waves with shiny hair clip.

For summer you can wear hair naturally without torturing it with flat or curling iron. If you are blessed with curls or waves you can apply texturizing spray to get beach waves.

Center parting is one of the tendencies of spring and summer hair trends. Center parted medium hair will look very stylish. Moreover center parting has amazing face framing effect that can make face look slimmer. Still if you feel that center parting is not suitable for your face shape you can complete your fashionable medium haircut with a bang. Here you will have several options. If you have chosen blunt cut medium hair you can complete it with blunt bang. Layered hairstyle will look fabulous with side bang.

side_parted_medium_length_curly_hairstyles natural_medium_length_hairstyles

straight_medium_length_hairstyles_with_hair_accessories straight_medium_length_hairstyles_with_bangs

Sienna_Miller_medium_hairstyles medium_length_wavy_hairstyles

medium_length_beachy_waves side_swept_medium_length_hairstyles

curly_medium_length_hairstyles simple_chic_medium_length_hairstyles

straight_side_parted_medium_length_hairstyles medium_length_blonde_hair



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