2016 Hottest Long Black Hairstyles

Black hair is very hot in long styles. If it is healthy and shiny then you have a gem to show off the world. These long black hairstyles for 2016 are the hottest options that you can choose for your stunning tresses. Among millions of black hairstyles I have collected the recent trends. Check them out and find your source of inspiration.long black hairstyles 2016Long Box Braids

Box braids are always trendy for black women. They are meet in various solutions and even in rainbow hair colors but the most popular version of box braids is the black style. It is very classy and attractive. Women wear these long hairstyles to keep their hair under control for a long time as well as to have a more stylish and glamorous look.long box braids 2016Long Natural Black Curls

What do you think of long natural curls? In my opinion they are the most luxurious natural hairstyles that look gorgeous in long styles. In order to refresh it you just need to go layers. They are enough to gift you a trendy and sophisticated hairstyle. Avoid damaging your curls by straightening and highlight their charm by other tricks.long black natural curls hairstyle 2016Long Black Retro Curls

What concerns festive styled curls they are now more popular with retro touches. Go for long tight curls, pull them to aside and spray hair spray. The shine that you will feel on your hairstyle will grab more attention. This party hairstyle is very glamorous and best goes either with retro or subtle makeups.long black retro curls hairstyle 2016Long Black Side Braid Hairstyle

The simple side braid is possible to create on any long hair. It is a quick and very hairstyle not only for casual days but also for romantic date nights. You can opt for your favorite plait and go ahead with a stunning look. If you wonder which are the trendy braids for 2016 I may offer you fishtails, dessert braids, rope braids and knotted ones.long black plait hairstyle 2016Long Black Ombre Hairstyle

Do you want to change your shade into a prettier one? Experiment with the trendy ombre style. Keep the roots in its dark shade and lighten up the ends with dirty blonde, caramel or brown hues. This is the classic black ombre hairstyle for your long locks. Keep in mind that before dying hair you should think of hair color and skin tone combinations.long black ombre hair 2016Long Black Retro Half Updo Hairstyle

Retro half updos are generally achieved by voliumized top part styles. In other words you can style a retro half updo by teased top part hair which has the poof effect. If you want to look hotter and more engaging then try this hairstyle once. You will fall in love with it.black poof half updo hairstyle 2016Long Layered Black Hairstyle

Long layered haircuts are always seductive. No matter you have light or dark hair you will get a fantastic hairstyle by long layers. They are very feminine and give you the chance to rock your favorite wavy and curly hairstyle with the modern touch.long layered black hairstyle 2016



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