BAFTA Awards 2016: Best Male Celebrity Hairstyles

The so awaited British Academy Film Awards 2016 held on 14 February 2016 in London has been gathered together all the ritzy celebrities and talented people of different nationalities at the Royal Opera House. This time finally we saw what we wanted as the awards found their addressors. But what we are going to discuss is all about the best male hairstyles of celebrities at BAFTA Awards 2016. Here you are going to be admired by the best looks of John Boyega, Benecio Del Toro, Eddie Redmayne, Michael Fassbender and Leonardo Dicaprio. So, keep on reading to decide the most eye-catching look.celebrity men hairstyles 2016John Boyega Short Natural Haircut

Since the majority of male celebrities prefer to be in classy outfits and neat forms their hairstyles also match their whole style. Here John Boyega is in a short and clean natural haircut which brings out his face shape and facial features. He is one of the most inspiring celebrities whose hairstyles are copied by many black men who have such type of hair. If you feel as if you need a short and low-maintenance haircut for your natural curly, frizzy or messy hair then copy this posh haircut. As for styling you may need frizz-free hair oil grabbing which on your hair you will get a neater effect.John Boyega Short Natural HaircutBenecio Del Toro Messy Spiky Hairstyle

Benecio Del Toro is among those who don’t afraid of radical changes or cool experiments. Unlike many others he was in a more relaxed and playful hairstyle combined with a classy suit. This is a high spiky hairstyle with a natural-looking messiness in it. It grabs attention from the first sight and keeps all eyes on it. The hairstyle itself is a boyish and youthful. It is created with the help of hair wax and gel and by brushing all upwards with blow dryer. Then his hairstylist had achieved the spikes by using the fingers. The final messy look is fixed by hair spray.Benecio Del Toro messy spiky hairstyle 2016Eddie Redmayne Short Thick Hairstyle

The next on our list is Eddie Redmayne with his short thick hairstyle with a voluminous top part. This is a common hairstyle for business men and it is cute with the short fringe which seems to be unruly and shaggy. Having such healthy hair Eddie Redmayne has used less hair styling products to achieve the desired elegant look.Eddie Redmayne short thick hairstyle 2016Michael Fassbender Short Quiff Hairstyle

The modern quaff hairstyle is created not only on mid-length but also short haircuts. As you see Michael Fassbender has got a cool short quaff hairstyle which makes him even hotter. It is a festive hairstyle to wear for the upcoming parties in 2016. In order to style it you may need to rub hair pomade on the top part locks and comb all upwards from the side parts. Then style the quaff with the help of hair drier and brush the side part short hair gently and smoothly.Michael Fassbender short quiff hairstyle 2016Leonardo DiCaprio Slicked Back Side Parted Hairstyle

It seems as if Leonardo likes this style very much as lately we basically see him in that trendy look. Actually the slicked back side parted hairstyle works well with his hair type and face shape. He has achieved it with hair styling pomade and cream and has brushed all back slightly changing the direction to one side. It is a stylish and elegant hairstyle for him.Leonardo Dicaprio slciked back side parted hair 2016



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