Popular Asian Male Hairstyles for 2016

There are some Asian male hairstyles for 2016 between which you can pick the most suitable haircut for you. These are generally thick and straight cuts in medium length which enhance masculinity and highlight the wearer’s personality. Here you will find great examples of Asian male hairstyles. If you want to redefine your modern look and style then go ahead with one of the below represented haircuts.asian men hairstyles 2016Elegant Party Hairstyle for Men

This short side comped and blow out hairstyle is a cool one for your upcoming parties. It is great for straight and slightly wavy hair and mostly works with thick locks. The neatness of this haircut allows you to look very elegant and seductive. It has a modern masculine touch in it and goes with classy suits and outfits. You can wear it for your wedding day or for other special events.elegnat hairstyle 2016Short Classy Sleek Hairstyle for Men

Short haircuts are usually for men who don’t want to spend much time on their hair. They choose low-maintenance haircuts, apply some hair gel or wax, comb it gently on one side and create a shiny wet-look effect. This sleek hairdo is classy in its style and tends to highlight your masculinity. You can sport it as a comfy and classy hairstyle and can regularly refresh it to keep its tidy look.classy short asian male haircut 2016Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle for Men

Here you see a trendy spiked faux hawk hairstyle with side designs. It is a very eye-catching hairdo for young boys who want to grab attention. In order to achieve it you should go for short sides and keep the top part a bit long so that you can style it into spikes. You may go for this cool hairstyle for parties and for different special occasions.short haircut with faux hawk 2016Medium Haircut with Bangs for Men

Long side swept bangs with medium length straight haircuts are super combinations. They are stylish and give you the opportunity to hide some facial features or your large forehead. If you have thick straight hair you can ask your barber for such an amazing haircut. You can change its look time to time by backcombing your bangs.medium male haircut with bangs 2016Undercut Hairstyle for Men

To make your face shape a bit longer and to have a fashionable haircut at the same time consider this striking hairstyle. Ask your hairstylist to keep the crown part longa and to add hair tattoos or hair designs on the short cut side parts of your hair. There are many modern designs for hair and each chooses a unique style which meets his personality, way of thinking and taste.short undercut hairstyle asian 2016Medium Layered Straight Haircut for Men

Even if you have wavy hair you can still opt for the represented neat hairstyle. Short layers on your medium length hair will provide you with a flexible hairstyle. With the help of a hair drier you can straighten these layers and get a medium length classy hairstyle as a final result. So, pick it for 2016 to look more fashionable.straight layered haircut men 2016



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