Bold Color-Melting Hairstyles for 2016

Color-melting is a brand new hair coloring idea for 2016. It is the evolved version of ombre hair colors which we love so much. Among so many bold and edgy hair colors color-melting is a subtler and more sophisticated in its [pastel shades. Though you may even see dark color-melting hues but they are so soft and delicate. After the flashy rainbow and cotton candy hairstyles now we are inspired by the color-melting hairstyles for 2016. It seems as if hairstylists have created a cool mixture of pastel and ombre coloring techniques which provide us with astounding hairstyles. They sparkle both on straight and wavy hairdos.col color melting 2016Instead of dying only the tips of your locks in eye-catching hair colors now you can blend light and ravishing hair colors for your entire hair. With the right coloring technique you will achieve a well-balanced and harmonious result.

2016 Bang Haircuts for Long Hair

Though long hair is always in thing but it can be boring if you don’t do regular touch ups or refreshments. Sometimes even simple changes make hair look different and more fashionable. Adding bangs to long hair is one of the most popular hair styling ideas. There are many bang haircuts for long hair to try in 2016 but the most flattering and fashionable ones are gathered here. Check them out!bang haircuts for long hair 2016Side Swept Bangs for Long Hair

Right chosen bangs can add softness and subtleness to long haircuts. They are beautiful both with straight and curled hairstyles. Side swept bangs compliment most face shapes and soften unpleasant facial features. It’s better if you choose long side swept bangs for your long tresses. Those with fine hair can go for cute wispy styles.

Temporary Hair Tattoos for 2016

Glossy golden and silver temporary tattoos are quite common in the fashion world but before wearing them on hair women used to wear them to embellish their bodies. Nowadays we see celebrities wearing cool temporary hair tattoos on their hairstyles. This is a great way to bring out your fresh hair color and to grab attention. Instead of simple beauty tools now you can use modern and more fascinating accessories for you hair like these flashy tattoos.temporary hair tattoo ideas 2016Generally temporary tattoos work the same way as the popular silver or golden body tattoos. All you need is just clipping them on your hair with a wet cloth. Once you wash your hair with shampoo it fades away easily. So, you don’t have to worry about its causes because this is a temporary tattoo idea and can be removed whenever you want.

Side Swept Hairstyle Inspiration from Michael Kors SS 2016

Are you wondering why this messiness is so trendy? Well, lately we see many fashion weeks during which models appear with neat and luxurious outfits combined with messy hairstyles. Yes, messiness is in thing because there is something very sophisticated and fascinating in shaggy hairstyles. They scream attention and keep all eyes on you. This is not the first time that Michael Kors models rock undone and messy hairstyles.side swept hairstyles from Michael Kors SS 2016 We have seen them in lovely wavy and shaggy loose braided hairstyles again with spring and summer dresses, jumpsuits and casual comfy shoes. As you see the designer keeps up with this trend continues to represent it with another stylish touch. Here we are captured by side swept messy hairstyles in ravishing blonde and brunette hair. They are not only posh but also have some delicacy in them.

Top 5 Hair Color Ideas for Winter 2016

If you change your hair colors with the season then this article is for you. It’s time to think of a cool blonde or brunette hair color for winter 2016. You are supposed to make your choice between warm blondes to warm up your complexion and cool brunettes to bring the winter breathe in your look. Whatever you choose consider you skin tone and eye color. It’s better to consult with a hair colorist before dyeing locks in any shade. Here are top 5 winter hair colors for this year. Have a look at them and decide which one is best for colors for winter 2016Flaxen Blonde Hair Color

Though the majority of light blonde hair colors have platinum blonde undertones in them but the lovely flaxen blonde is something differing. It is a subtle blonde shade with a yellowish and warm touch in it. This hair color goes with cool skin tones and compliments light eyes. If you have darker eyes you can keep the roots dark for a well-balanced result.  

Short Layered Hairstyles to Try in 2016

It’s the ideal time for you to discover fresh haircuts for this year. Consider short hairstyles as they are everywhere and they are the most demanded haircuts in salons right now. A trendy short haircut can transform you into another lady with more confidence and power in her look. Here I offer you a guide to short layered haircuts for 2016. If you want a textured and more flexible short haircut then make your choice between layered styles.short layered hairstyles 2016Short Layered Pastel Pixie Hairstyle

Among trendy hair colors for short haircuts pastel shades are quite required. They are worn in order to break down the boyish looks that short styles bring with them. Pastel hair colors can also be combined in one hairstyle providing you with a subtle highlighted hairdo. You can mix two or three pastel shades to get fantastic effect on your short layered haircut. Layers allow you to apply different shades and get a stunning result.

2016 Trendy Easy to Do Hairstyles Men Love

Why do we opt for trendy haircuts and hairstyles? Because the taste, standards and demands change by the time and we go for hairstyles which are more alluring and attractive. Women do their best to capture their men by stylish and seductive looks. Here hairstyles have their special role. What hairstyles you choose for your face shape or hair type tells about your individuality, way of thinking and desires. In many cases the appearance of a girl speaks louder than her own way of expressing her personality. So, each girl should discover the most beautiful hairstyles for her to be in the center of attention. Here we offer the trendiest easy hairstyles for 2016 that men love. Check them out and pick the styles that work with your hair type and length.trendy hairstyles 2016High-Volume Headband Hairstyle

Have a look at this cool high-volume hairstyle of Blake Lively. Doesn’t it make younger and more girlish. The headband just enhances the charm of her teased hairstyle. It’s a super easy hairdo and you can get it even by yourself. No matter you have medium or long hair just tease the top part, spray hair spray and smooth with a brush keeping the volume. Then wear your favorite headband which brings out the fresh shade of your hair color. As for the tips you can either straighten or curl them. This retro hairstyle is still in thing and moreover, it’s trendy for 2016.

Celebrity Party Hairstyles for 2016

Parties, formal occasions and different holidays are always by our side and each time we get prepared for one of these special parties we wear luxurious and eye-catching hairstyles to impress people around us. But how do we know which are the latest trends in the fashion world? The best and the easiest way to find out formal hairdos is looking for celebrity festive hairstyles. They appear with the most fashionable looks and inspire stylish women. So, check out the loveliest party hairstyles from celebrities for 2016.celebrity party hairstyles 2016Lea Seydoux Medium Blonde Hairstyle

The delightful appearance of Lea makes her stand out from the crowd. Her shiny and fresh hairstyles are always in the center of attention. Recently we saw her in a ravishing black outfits which beautifully brings out her light skin tone and blonde hairstyle. She has gone for a light golden blonde hair color and styled her locks into a medium wavy hairstyle. This stunning shade of blonde compliments her light eyes and red lips.  

2016 Coolest Hairstyle Ideas for Relaxed Hair

Relaxed and loose hair is all about versatility. It gives us so many ideas on how to style locks in fashionable ways. We look at the options that Hollywood stars choose for their tresses and pick the most beautiful hairstyles for our hair. Smart and professional hairdressers always offer the latest trends, innovative ideas and creative solutions.  Get inspired by this collection of relaxed hairstyles for 2016.relaxed hairstyles for 2016Loose Side Ponytail Hairstyle

Brush all hair to one side and create a low ponytail hairstyle with a simple elastic. If you locks are unruly then rub some hair cream from the top to the tips before combing. You can either leave the tips in a straight and sleek style or can tease a bit for a more playful effect. This hairstyle is both easy and quick for casual days.

Hottest Celebrity Brunette Hair Colors for 2016

While many consider blondes as superb feminine ladies many men love mysterious brunettes with their shiny hairstyles. There is a big tendency of keeping hair in natural shades and in spite of the fact that there are many bold hair colors the diversity of brunette tones allures us. Nowadays famous Hollywood stars who have naturally brunet hair go back to their shade and enhance its beauty by some cute highlights. Here you will meet the hottest celebrities in brunet hair colors. I am sure they are going to inspire you to keep your natural brunette shade in all its ravishing hues.brunette celebrities 2016Kendall Jenner Dark Brunette Hair Color

Though the majority of celebs experiment with different hair colors but some, like Kendall Jenner keep their signature style and seldom change their hair colors. Even if they change they still keep them closer to their natural hair color. This is the secret of being so impressive and mysterious.