Top Ponytail Hairstyles for Summer

2012 braided ponytail hairstyle

celebrity high ponytail hairstyle

sleek high ponytail hairstyle

First style to be mentioned is classy sleek ponytail completed with a braid. In order to create this style first straighten your hair and then tie it in a high tight ponytail. Take a thin strand, braid it and wrap the braid around the band. At last, secure the style with a pin and hairspray for long lasting hairstyle.

wavy ponytail hairstyle

wavy side ponytail hairstyle

Summer hairstyle should be more relaxed and natural so soft wavy and messy ponytail hairstyle will be just perfect for hot summer days. If you are blessed with natural curls and waves, you will have nothing to do but apply shine serum and create low ponytail. In the case you have sleek hair; you can tie it in a low side tail, and then curl the edges with large barrel curling iron. You can also leave few strands to frame your face.

ponytail hairstyles with headband

celebrity ponytail with headband

Cute hair accessory can be a great option for summer hairstyle and next style to be mentioned is low ponytail completed with headband. Headband can be a fabulous trick to hide greasy hair so choose headband suitable for your outfit and wear it with your ponytail hairstyle.

romantic ponytail hairstyle

cute wavy ponytail

If you want to create feminine and romantic look, you can create voluminous ponytail hairstyle. First, tease the roots on the crown area and create low tail. Then curl the edges and finish the look with shine spray.

braided ponytail hairstyle

2014 braided ponytail hairstyle

Last ponytail hairstyle to be mentioned is braided tail that is oh so popular among celebs. Braided ponytail hairstyle will be perfect option for both casual and formal outfits and you will need less than five minutes to create smashing look. In order to create this style first create high tight ponytail, then braid the edges and secure the style with a rubber band.

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