New Hairstyles with Side Bangs

2013 hair trends are so gorgeous full of glamor and sexy hairstyles and the latest one is side swept bang that can be combined with virtually all hairstyles and hair lengths. Here is another selection of new hairstyles with side bangs that will arm you up with rich source of inspiration.

bob_hair_with_side_swept_bangs bob_with_side_swept_bangs 2013

Side swept bang is the one that can look both glamorous and relaxed. Everything depends on hair styling tricks. There is nothing complicated; just check out these styles and styling ideas and you will soon be able to create picture perfect look for your own.

Long hairstyle will look even more seductive when combined with beautiful side bang. Side swept bang is the best option to place the accent on your eyes and frame your face. Moreover, women with narrow forehead and round face shape should definitely go for side bang that will create an illusion of proportionate face shape.

So you have already got your layered long bang and now you can experiment with different designs. Long hair can be styled in zillion ways like super sleek, in vintage waves or curly. If you have styled hair curly you can style bang sleek or flipped. In case you have styled hair in massive or retro waves you can style the edges of bang a bit wavy.

ong_glam_wavy_hair_with_side_swept_bangs long_wavy_hair_with_bangs

Your long bob hairstyle will look even more glamorous and elegant with layered side bang. Again, bang hairstyle will arm you up with numerous styling options. You can simply wear it sleek or flipped for flirty look. If you have bolder style with choppy layers, you can complete it with shorter bang that can be styled either sleek or tousled.

embedded_long_wavy_hair_with_side_bangs long_wavy_hair_with_side_swept_bangs

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