2021 Bold Box Braids to Rock

Do you want to explore some cool box braided hairstyles? Then you should see these 2021 bold box braids which are worth to try. Whether you are fan of braids or not these bold plaits will simply fascinate you. Simple and monotone braids are not so inspiring anymore. Try to wear them on your bold shades. It is not a secret that bold hair colors have captured hair trend and if you haven’t tried them yet, then it is the best time to go for experiments. If you don’t want to color your hair, then there are some other ways to show your boldness and wildness, if you are interested to know then go on reading.

Green Jambo Braids

Feel free to show your wild surface and pick up the best shade for you. Go for green! Let your cool green jumbo braids grab attention and fascinate people surrounding you. In order to keep look a bit simple and sleek, opt for less make up. So, complement your look with completely new hairstyle and hair color.

pastel big box braids
pastel big box braids

Half up Half down and Cool Braids

If you don’t have very thick and long hair, then opt for hair extensions in order to get a perfect copy of the picture. Those who are fond of big buns then after getting box braids, they may take some braided section and by twisting on the top have a big bun. Leave the bottom half run loose of your shoulders.

big braided updo
big braided updo

Blonde and Brown Box Braids

Instead of opting for a monotone shade, think about mixing everything up. Natural brown and dirty blonde create an outstanding combination. Blending popular shades you will not only get a cool hair color but also will fill your life with the best feelings. Get a high bun on these shades and undoubtedly you will stand out of the crowd.

blonde box braids for females 2016
blonde box braids for females 2021

Big Box Braided Mohawk

It is impressive to create various hairstyles with the help of box braids. Since you can keep your braids more than a month, you may spice your hairstyle up with new cool twists. Here you can see a breathtaking Mohawk created on the basis of box braids. Two braided pigtails create that “wow” look which every woman disserves to have.

mohawk with box braids for 2016
mohawk with box braids for 2021

Over-Sized Bun

I bet we have already convinced you that box braids can be styled in various ways. However, if you want to get a unique look then this oversized beehive is for your nature. Just put your fears aside and go to rock the world with this cool ‘do.

big box braided updo 2016
big box braided updo 2021