2022 Trendy Blonde Hair Colors

The most feminine and seductive shade in the hair color palette is considered blonde. It is a subtle and very attractive hair color that tends to give you an angelic look. Do you want to discover the trendiest blonde hair colors for 2022? So, let’s go.Swedish Blonde Hair Color

One of the light and very cute blonde hair colors is the Swedish blonde. It is closer to natural light shades of blonde and best works with light complexions. You can match it with your green or blue eyes. The combination will be quite natural-looking and spiffy.sweddish blonde hair color 2016Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

This warm shade of blonde best works with light complexions that have rosy undertones. It is perfect with light eyes and tends to warm up your pale complexion. With the help of strawberry blonde hair color you will add shine and healthy look to your hair. However there are cases when darker strawberry blonde shades go with medium skin tones and dark eyes.strawberry blonde hair 2016Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Among so many hues of blonde the lightest one if the platinum blonde. It has many shades which are closer to white blondes and surprisingly go both with dark and light complexions. Today this is the most requested blonde hair color in salons and many lighten up their hair color with this. If you have dark skin tone you may go for a short cut then dye it in platinum blonde to have a well-balanced look. And those who have light skin tones can easily achieve platinum blonde either on their short or long haircut. platinum blonde hair 2016Golden Blonde Hair Color

Golden blonde is a real glossy hair color. The sun-kissed effect in it is so touchable and attractive that you fall in love with it. This hair color is great for medium to light complexions and is best reflected on medium to long hairstyles. If you choose golden blonde for your hair you’d better often go for wavy and curly hairstyles to bring out all its shiny hues.golden blonde hair color 2016Buttery Blonde Hair Color

Though many confuse buttery blonde with golden blonde but buttery blonde is a matte hair color and has more yellowish hues. It is great on straight hairstyles and works with pale skin tones. The yellowish effect that it has warms up light complexions.buttery blonde hair color 2016Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Dirty blonde is the tint which is usually recommended to be chosen by women who have tanned skin or even darker complexion. It is a good choice in case you want to change your dark hair color into a bit lighter. It will remind of a stunning honey blonde and light brown hair color combination.dirty blonde hair color 2016 COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM