5 Hottest Formal Hairstyles for Females

How we can describe formal hairstyles? Well, flowy, subtle, soft? Gorgeous updos and ponytails are excellent for formal events. Except being beautiful you should also feel comfy, so pinned up or tied updos will provide you with your desired coziness.  Try to avoid wearing extremely luxurious hairstyles because the beauty is associated with simplicity.If you want to get an idea of formal hairstyle, then go on reading because this time I have decided to represent you 5 hottest formal hairstyles for females. I will also give you some styling tips. So, get ready to be fascinated with the latest formal hairstyles.    

Curled Updo

Both sleek and curly updos can be definitely worn formally. It is cool if you have natural curls, if not, you can still get them easily. First of all get some hair cream to wet your locks and let air dry. Gather locks at your nape and create a messy bun. Leave some cute strands out of your hair. Finish your updo with hair spray in order to maintain your look.

cool curly updo for girls 2016
cool curly updo for girls 2021

 Swirl Braid

All young ladies will probably like this swirl braids. I am sure the wearers will get all the compliments with this amazing half up half down ‘do. Take a section from both sides and create simple braids, meet in the center, Swirl or twist hair into rosette and pin. Braid ends down the center. The rest of hair can be either straight or curly.

swirl braid half updo
swirl braid half updo

Side Braid

Braids can be combined with many hairstyles. What do you think about incorporating a braid into your down ‘do? I think the idea is not bad at all. Comb your locks and pull them into one side. Take a section and start plaiting into a French braid. Secure at the nape.

side braid for girls 2016
side braid for girls 2021

Face-Framing Side Braid

If you have super long hair you will successfully achieve face-framing side braid. Leave your hair down and get ready to rock a super braided hairstyle. Pull a large section of hair to your forehead and try to create a diagonal French side braid. For a flirty vibe make the ends wavy.

face framing braid for girls 2016
face framing braid for girls 2021

Messy Rolled Updo

Did you know that messy hairstyles are in mainstream? You are free to mix everything up and create the most stunning rolled updo. Actually this hairstyle is an upgraded version of victory rolls. Some girls create this hairstyle with the help of headbands. But today we are not going to use headbands. Separate two outer sections, twist them toward the center and form a crown. Tuck middle section into crown and pin up.

Messy Rolled Updo
Messy Rolled Updo