Edgy Hairstyle Ideas from Louis Vuitton Spring 2021 Show

The famous fashion designer Nicolas Ghesqui?re has already unveiled his posh collection for spring 2016. The French fashion house known with the name Louis Vuitton continues to amuse us with the high-quality and unique pieces. However we are amused by the versatility of the hairstyles worn by the models and now you’ll also see and feel the creativity of the Louis Vuitton’s hairstylists. Check out the latest spring hairstyles from Louis Vuitton 2021 fashion show. Medium Bang Hairstyle

Mid-length hairstyles are here for a long time and they seem to be the most dominant styles all over the world. Women appreciate their flexibility and the advantage of turning into different hairstyles. However bangs are back and they “want” to beautify your mid-length haircuts. The trendy bang styles that we see on the runway are shaggy and wispy straight bangs which you can sweep to one side according to your preferences. These hairstyles are incredible in jet black shades and in any fresh monotone hair color. But those who like the idea of highlighting can just go for dip dying techniques. In order to keep your style posh and attractive go for frequent flat ironing.medium bang hairstyle 2016Long Pink Hairstyle

What about a brand new hair color for spring 2021? The ravishing, girlish and eye-catching pink can be the best edgy hair color with so much subtleness and sophistication. If you seek for more attention and need to stand out from the crowd then forget about common and natural hair color. Louis Vuitton offers us to beautify our spring days with the delicate pink shade. The majority of short-haired ladies don’t afraid of such bold hair color but what about long-haired girls?long pink hair 2016Long Hairstyle with Boho Braidslong hair with bobo braids 2016The beauty looks represented on Louis Vuitton’s runway is all about individuality. Models mainly wore downdo hairstyles with chic solutions and one of them is the long straight hairstyle with thin baby braids. This reminds us of the ravishing boho style. It is a glamorous yet wild hairstyle with a striking makeup. Due to the lovely braids the hairstyle looks so playful and youthful.long hairstyel with braids 2016Short Pixie Haircut

And the final edgy hairstyle at Louis Vuitton spring 2021 is the short boyish pixie which demands slender facial features and subtle face shape. Luckily the model has really cute and feminine facial features which keep the style so seductive and pretty. Before copying such a bold haircut keep in mind that it is able to bring a boyish touch in your look.short pixie haircut 2016So, the edgy hairstyles for 2021 inspired by the Louis Vuitton’s show can become the latest dramatic trends not only for spring but for the whole year. When it comes to such radical experiments and transformations hairstylists usually recommend to think carefully before any experiment not to fail at the end. COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM