Cute Updo for Long Hair

There is always something to add about updos since they are evolving day by day. Apart from evolving, updo hairstyles are becoming easier to create. Both long and medium length hair allow you to create incredible up styles. However long mane provides you with a better effect since you have a lot more space to work. Updos involve various braids and twists and they help to spice them. If you are looking for new ways to create an up style, you need to check out these cute updos for long hair and get inspired from.  Cute Updo for Long HairSide Ombre Upstyle

When it comes to updos, there is always something new to try out. A simple style like this one will also make you stylish plus you don’t have to put a lot of efforts to create it. The design involves weaving a simple twist at the back of the head starting from one side to the other and finishing by sweeping the rest of the curly hair over the shoulder. The ombre pattern also enhances the overall look.Side Ombre UpstyleBraided Crown

It is not necessary to create sophisticated updos for long hair to look elegant because you can still look adorable with a distinct braid crown like this one. So what you need to do to replicate this look is to knit your strands into a medium size Dutch braid and wrap around the head to form a simple crown design. With this updo you can go everywhere.braided crownSimple Top Knot with Bangs

This updo involves chopping the locks at the front to create some beautiful bangs. You can then pull up the rest of the strands to the top of the head and twist them to form a simple tight knot. The short bangs are crucial and you should have some long ones dangling on the sides to form a face framing design. It is an incredible design which will fascinate many ladies because of being so easy to recreate.simple top knotBig Updo

There are so many ways to have an elegant and feminine look and this design can be one of the best examples. If you have long golden blonde hair you can wear this majestic headdress. When it comes to styling, you just need to pull up your strands and weave a medium size crown braid. You can finish the look by accessorizing with some eye-catching jewels.big updoFaux Bob Upstyle

This hair is not as long as others but it still creates a straightforward look that is a result of a little inventiveness. This design mimics a faux bob that has some wavy locks dangling on the side and the rest flowing to the back where you should secure them to create a beautiful updo style.Faux Bob Upstyle