Brazilian Blowout Hairstyles

Brazilian blowout technique is a way to make the hair straight and smooth with no frizz and flyaway strands. However it will take at least more than an hour to provide your locks with that total transformation. It works well for women who want to eliminate frizz while balancing those elegant curls. This treatment makes the hair super straight and sleek while reducing the drying time for up to 12 weeks. Here I have selected some examples to inspire you and show you the advantage of Brazilian blowout treatment.Brazilian Blowout HairstyleSuper Long Sleek Tresses

In this style the layered hair is given much softer vibe to introduce some interest into the look. It involves straight and sleek finish achieved with the help of the blowout treatment. This hair has an incredible thickness and length that are achieved by styling products. The final result is going to be a balayage ombre that has a low maintenance.Super Long Sleek TressesDark and Shiny Hair

The blowout technique provides the dark locks with some boost-both in shine and length. If you have dark hair like this, consider bringing the strands together for a compact. It will prevent any chances of fuzz and mess hair. This is a gorgeous look in the monochromatic chic. This smooth hair can fit into a formal sitting just as well as it would in casual event.Dark and Shiny HairSleek Straight Hair: Brazilian Blowout

A messy blonde mane with lots of flyaway strands can be turned into a smooth and sleek hairstyle that will make any woman look elegant and classy. After the blowout technique the hair becomes much straighter and flyaway locks are being eliminated. The result is this sleek compact locks that have more dimension and texture.Sleek Straight Hair: Brazilian BlowoutSexy Balayage Style

Again you need to go for a blowout treatment to make the blonde balayage highlights much easier to rock in this brown hair. The locks are made smoother and straighter for a great finish. To make the overall look even sexier the tips are swirled with an iron. This is the best look that is worth to try out.Sexy Balayage StyleBrazilian Blowout

This style sports lots of shine that makes it much easier to pick out the combination of sassy and warm tones. In this case also the blowout treatment provides with perfect straight and sleek locks. Tips of the strands are given outward and inward appearance that is surprisingly gives the look a more feminine touch.Brazilian Blowout Smooth Face Framing Design

This design involves ash blonde and golden blonde tones. The transformation from one shade to another creates a fantastic look. Apart from the color the strands are given a blowout treatment to provide with more shine and make them straighter and sleeker. Both the color and styling are incredible due to a right cut.Smooth Face Framing Design COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM