Feminine Bandana Hairstyle Ideas for Girls

If you don’t want to chop off your strands but still get something new and trendy, then get ready to add another tool to your hair arsenal-bandanas! They are being used as headbands or cool accessories for pinup hairstyles. There are limitless bandana hairstyle ideas for all cool girls. So, today I have decided to come up with some feminine bandana hairstyles, in order to inspire you and give you new ideas of styling your strands with these cute elements. Prepare yourself to see here from sophisticated vintage hairdos to hip hop style braids!Feminine Bandana Hairstyle Ideas for GirlsCurls with Colorful Bandana

Curls make gorgeous hairdos with bandanas. They look playful and pretty regardless of the style. To update your curls you can choose a colorful bandana that will grab much attention and keep your voluminous mane in style. In this case you don’t even need to think about your hair length. However apart from stylish headdress, you will have a chance to keep yours strands out of your face.Curls with Colorful BandanaVintage Hairdo with a Bandana

Vintage inspired hairstyles look great when paired with bandanas. Below you can see a model who is wearing a pinned up hairdo with a floral headband. There is something charming about this style. The fiery red strands swirled in a seemingly effortless style. The bandana bow completes the look and makes the wearer stand out with her feminine style. Try to choose a right makeup- accentuated lips will be more than enough.Vintage Hairdo with a BandanaBow Style

A retro glam bandana is what you need to give you strands a cool touch. If you have a desire to re-create this look, you should spritz the fringe with light hairspray, comb it smooth and use your fingers to roll it toward your face. Apply bobby pins to fix it. Actually it is a very simple style that everyone can duplicate.Bow StyleRolled Up Hairdo

This ridiculously simple hairdo is for those who have medium-length or long strands. Many girls create this hairdo with the help of headband but bandana gives a modern touch to the headdress. Wrapping and tucking your hair around the bandana will easily create a delightful updo. This effortless yet feminine hairstyle is really worth to try out.Rolled Up HairdoPonytail with Headband

Simple hairstyles with bandanas look incredible. They are also very easy to recreate. This tousled ponytail gets a gorgeous update with a cute bandana or scarf. To wear this sumptuous look you will need less than five minutes. Simply pull your hair up and tie with an elastic band. Leave some strands at the front for a flirty vibe. To finish the style, wear a gorgeous scarf or bandana.  Ponytail with Headband