Angelic Halo Braids for Women for 2022

Halo braids are one of those ethereal hairdos that provide with an angelic look. Well, halo braids are easy to pull off when you have long strands. The length is important since it should be enough to make it possible to re-create. Halo braids make an excellent option for festivals, celebrations or just for casual styles. There are various ways to wear them, but you can update your halo braid by switching up your hair color.  If you are lack of inspiration then you should check out these pictures of angelic halo braids for females for 2022.Angelic Halo Braids for Women for 2022Lilac Halo Braid

This option is great for females with thin hair and medium-length strands. Well, the halo braid is barely visible but it looks so cool on lilac medium-length hair. It creates and illusion of headband. Side swept long bangs make important part of the style since they beautifully frame the face. Give the tips of the hair some waviness and don’t try to overdo it because modern hairstyles are in mainstream.Lilac Halo BraidFishtail Halo Braid

If you know how to braid a fishtail then this style is super easy for you. It entails fishtail braiding and twisting over the head to create a halo-like design. Fishtail shouldn’t be tight otherwise it will not have the same effect. Style the rest of hair in gorgeous waves. This ridiculously amazing half up half down style can be worn both formally and casually.Fishtail Halo BraidLoose Halo Braid

This halo braid will definitely give an ethereal look to any women. Such perfect-imperfect halo braids are being adopted by braids too. The messiness of the style just draws too much attention. To replicate this updo you should have long strands. Anyway the hair color is also magnificent and it flatters model’s light skin complexion. Leave some tendrils for a more flattering vibe.  Loose Halo BraidDouble Braid

Here is another gorgeous option for women with thin hair type. Popular Jessica Alba’s double halo braid is definitely inspiring. It looks so chic and elegant on her brown strands. Well, as you can see the front has been braided while the rest of strands have been pulled into an updo. It is an excellent hairdo for all red carpet evenings or any other formal events.Double BraidExaggerated Halo Braid

I have already mentioned that you should have a bit hair length to make it possible to create this braid, but in case if you don’t have but you still want to rock this braid opt for a faux halo braid. It looks like a headband, you put it on the crown your head and your halo-braided look is ready.Exaggerated Halo Braid