Best Hairstyles for Magenta Hair Color

If you have an intention to rock bold and edgy hair colors such as magenta then check out these hairstyles with magenta hair color. Magenta is an unnatural shade that requires mixing red blue and purple shades. Like other bold shades magenta also requires regular touchups. However it is not difficult to pull off. There are many shades to sport and you can make it either too bright or dark it is totally up to you. Highlights and lowlights will add some dimension and depth to your strands.  Best Hairstyles for Magenta Hair Color Bob with Yellow Accents

Are you ready to take your bob to a top notch? Well, you can do that with feminine magenta color. Most of females mix magenta with red, purple hues but you can create your own unique style by combining it with a yellow hue. Yellow creates an unexpected contrast. This style is great for ladies who want to stand out. These shades will give an extra pop to your bob.Bob with Yellow AccentsFormal Updo

If you are looking for something unique for a formal event, then you need to check out this gorgeous chignon. A sleek chignon with delicate details will definitely be a great option for your bright hair color such as magenta. This jewel-shade makes the chignon pop up. You will be in the center of attention and prepare yourself for many compliments.Formal UpdoLong Bob Magenta Hair

Mad for magenta? Well, wear it in an ombre pattern! This ombre may be the best inspiration for you. This trendy ombre look graduates from a darker to lighter magenta. Whether this ombre would have a perfect look like this without a right haircut? Retro inspired long bob showcases the excellent shades and gives the wearer an elegant and feminine look.Long Bob Magenta HairMagenta with Highlights

If one color is not enough for you then opt for highlights. Highlights are meant to spice up the overall look and add extra dimension and depth to the strands. This particular design requires mixing gorgeous magenta and purple hues to get what you see here. The colors are worn on chin length hair. To finish the style you just need to give your strands waves.Magenta with HighlightsLong Waves with Magenta Hue

If you are going to experiment with edgy shades for the first time then start with dark magenta. Dark magenta is incredible and it will make your headdress stand out. This picture proves that various shades of magenta work well with all hair lengths plus it flatters almost all skin complexions. However before wearing it, consult with your colorist to make sure that it is excellent for you.Long Waves with Magenta Hue