Chic Hairstyles for Straight Hair for 2022

It is a well-proved fact that women always find something to complain about their hair type- be that thick or thin, straight or curly. Today we are going to offer 2022 hairstyles for women with straight hair. A classic bob, pixie or their cropped and updated versions make an excellent base for straight hairstyles. Straight hair always has to be slightly backcombed for added volume and enhanced texture. If you have straight hair that doesn’t mean you can’t wear waves. Feel free to use hair products to achieve waves or curls.Chic Hairstyles for Straight Hair for 2022Silver-Grey Short Bob for Straight Hair

Want to feel like an Ice-Queen? Well, then this look is definitely for you. Frosted strands are severe while still feeling sexy. It is an excellent style for women with thin and straight hair. It entails giving some short layers to a bob haircut. Let’s not forget about long face framing bangs that enhance the overall appearance of the bob. Anyway, grey hair looks cool when paired with a cut like this.Silver Grey Short Bob for Straight HairCasual Messy Hairstyle

Here is another cool headdress for women with straight hair. You don’t need to put extra effort to re-create it. Just run your fingers throughout your strands to give them a messy touch. What about the color? Dark roots look fabulous when paired with blonde. It is preferable to keep the roots dark for more depth. By the way it is a low-maintenance hairstyle that you should definitely give a try.Casual Messy HairstyleLight Brown Babylights

If you have straight and thin hair that doesn’t mean you should go for short hairdos. These medium-length waves are super easy and effortless. Flattering light caramel streaks throughout dark brown hair provide with extra depth and dimension. The contrast created by the colors is just fabulous. Try to focus on hair color too, it is also important.Light Brown Babylights           Long Braided Ponytail

This lace braid has a wide wave which helps to add texture and thickness you your hairstyle for fine and straight hair. The side braid looks interesting when paired with a ponytail. Both the texture and appearance of this pony is super stylish. You shouldn’t try to overdo it since it will look thicker in a messy pattern. And leave some tendrils at the front to create a flattering hairstyle.Long Braided PonytailMessy Top Knot Hair

Updos work really well on straight hair. The best example is represented below. Nothing can compete with the cool appeal of a high bun. Depending on how messy you choose to style it, it can work for formal or casual settings. By the way messy bun can easily be adopted by women with many different hair textures.Messy Top Knot Hair