Cool Nazi Haircuts for Men

Just like the headline suggests these hairstyles have been heavily favored by soldiers and officers in Nazi Germany during the war. Actually military inspired haircuts are short but the modern versions look cooler and more interesting. Most of them involve tapered or shaved sides and longer top. The combination of long and short is just incredible. Go on reading and find out the best Nazi haircuts for modern men.   Cool Nazi Haircuts for MenBlonde Side Parted Hair

The blonde shade of the strands is just incredible and even without a sophisticated haircut it will still provide with a chic look. Anyway there is an undercut that is pretty subtle and there are no harsh razor fade lines visible. Hair on the top has been combed forward into a neat quiff while the hair behind this has been combed to the side. There is nothing complicated about this style so you can easily replicate it.Blonde Side Parted HairCool Nazi Haircut

This bowl inspired haircut is meant to draw attention and make a fashion statement. In this style we can see a skin fade around the edges with some volume of hair on the top. The locks have been cut to fall forward and to the sides. If you have a tattoo design on your face then you can accentuate it with the help of this cut.Cool Nazi HaircutTexturised Top Hair and Short Sides

It is a modern take on a vintage hairstyle. Like many trendy hairstyles this one also requires keeping the hair on the top long and tapering or shaving the sides. The strands on the top have been texturised with plenty of volume while the sides fade out. However we can also see some disconnection between beard and hairstyle. You don’t even need to opt for hair gels to achieve this headdress.Texturised Top Hair and Short SidesBald Fade

Here is a bit bold style that will definitely interest brave heart guys who like to go for experiments. If you have already tried razor cut sides then it is the best moment to move a step forward and shave them completely like this model did. The hair on the top has been brushed up and then back. Anyway the height of the strands draws attention.Bald FadeSimple Brush Back Hairstyle

If you like classic brushed back hairstyles then this option is for you. Well, it doesn’t require much hair but if you have wavy strands then you will need to use a stronger holding product to achieve a perfect slicked back hairstyle. Keep the sides tapered for a more classy and modern touch.Simple Brush Back Hairstyle