Females’ Undercuts with Hair Tattoos for 2022

Hair tattoos are not new in trend but they are getting evolved day by day. Hair tattoos provide with a bold yet ultra-feminine look. There are various ways to rock a hair tattoo. You can wear it either on your sides of the head or on the nape off the neck. Before wearing a hair tattoo make sure that it works with your hairstyle. Below I have selected females’ undercuts with hair tattoos for 2022. Check them out and get better idea on how you can rock them.Females’ Undercuts with Hair Tattoos for 2022Side Undercut with Hair Tattoo

The beauty of this cut comes from shaving the side and creating a stunning side tattoo. It is quite lovely style that looks incredible when paired with a top bun. Anyway it takes some courage to pull off a headdress like this one. Not everywhere you will see a girl with a shaved side and a hair tattoo. You will definitely make a bold statement. If that’s what you are looking for then go ahead.Side Undercut with Hair TattooGeometric Nape Hair Tattoo

The best thing about hair tattoos is that you can cover them whenever you don’t feel like showing off. In this style the hair tattoo looks pretty modern and cool. The strands have been styled in double pigtails to display this gorgeous hair tattoo on the nape of the neck. Anyway you can cover it by untying your pigtails. The sweet pastel shade updates the overall look.Geometric Nape Hair TattooMessy Updo with Flower Hair Tattoo

Here is a texturized messy bun that has a shaved undercut in the shape of flower. Everything about this style is super interesting. The strands have a natural looking appearance that make the look even more elegant and classy. By the way you are free to choose your favorite hair tattoo. Make your own research to find the best option for you. There are so many ideas!Messy Updo with Flower Hair TattooUndercut Hair Tattoo with Bun

When you get a hair tattoo on the nape of your neck, the only way to show it is to go for pulled up hairstyles such as buns, high ponytails, pigtails and etc. This particular design also entails creating a high bun in the messy pattern to show off the beauty of the tattoo. The strands also have a chic blonde shade that gives a sophisticated touch to the look.Undercut Hair Tattoo with BunTriangular Undercut Hair Tattoo

If you have always wanted to go for lined undercut hair tattoos then this option can be pretty inspiring for you. The strands have been pulled up to create a complex look. It is a fantastic undercut triangular hair tattoo that will definitely accessorize the nape of your neck. This style looks even better when you have ombred hair.Triangular Undercut Hair Tattoo