Green Hair Color Ideas for 2022

Green hair color is having a moment. This year we have already managed to see the craziest and boldest hair colors and it seems this trend is here to stay. Since crayon shades are becoming as common as classic hair colors such as blonde and brown, you need to know everything about them. Today I have selected green hair color ideas for 2022 that are both bold and super feminine. Females rock green hair in various forms- highlights, ombre, balayage etc. Keep on reading to see some cool pictures of green hair.Green Hair Color ideas for 2022Mermaid Hair

This headdress looks incredible due to blue and green shades. Nothing shows off deep blue and green hues better than braided mane. Create six crown braid that meet somewhere at the back of your head and fall down in a lovely fishtail braid. It is not a complicated headdress as many of you may think; you just need to figure it out. You will definitely turn heads with a stunning hairstyle like this one.Mermaid HairBlack-Green Balayage Hair

Here is another incredible way to rock green strands. This color is a result of balayage technique. Green and black shades work really well together, to create a perfect color combination. You just need to find a good hairstyle to accentuate these hues. Create a Dutch braid down the back of your head and keep it full and voluminous. This style will bring out your inner mermaid.Black-Green Balayage HairBlue Green Hair with Revealed Roots

You have a traditional bob cut but you don’t know how to update it? Well go for an edgy hair color to take your bob to a top notch. Green and blue strands can make an excellent pair with your chin length strands and show people your fancy-free side. It will be better to keep roots natural to balance the overall look.Blue Green Hair with Revealed RootsIcy Green Hair with Dark Roots

If you have always dreamed to channel your inner icy princess then it is the highest moment to do that. Green hair can really be versatile. This particular design involves a light teal shade that is as beautiful as it is edgy. Well, start with silver blonde roots that perfectly transition into subtle teal tresses. Anyway the contrast between these shades is visible.Icy Green Hair with Dark RootsDark Green Hair Color

Here is a jewel-toned bob haircut that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Everything about this shade is super interesting. Dark highlights work really well with this emerald green shade and make a traditional bob haircut even more interesting. If you love colorful hair trend then try this option and you will not regret.Dark Green Hair Color