Ideas for Pageboy Haircut for 2022

Pageboy haircut is back again! It is a pretty short haircut that involves bangs that beautifully frame the face. It used to be a significant hairstyle for women now it looks better with modern twists. Pageboy haircuts are fantastic to highlight your personality. Anyway you will need to consult with your stylist to know whether it works with your features or not since it tends to bring out imperfections. Check out these ideas for pageboy haircuts for 2022 then you will make your final decision.Ideas for Pageboy Haircut for 2022Short Blunt Pageboy Bob

This particular haircut features full bangs, blunt edges and super sleek strands. This pageboy bob also has an inky blue shade that makes her eyes pop up. Anyway you can still personalize the look with a saturated shade of navy blue. This particular micro bob is not going to flatter all face shapes, so it will be better to find out whether it works for your features or not.Short Blunt Pageboy BobPlatinum Haircut with Colored Bangs

Here is a very short blunt cut with a nape undercut. It is a modern take on a traditional mushroom style that looks like a shorter version of the pageboy. The cut is amazing itself but it also has a unique hair color that is impossible not to notice. Icy blonde color and all-over short length and purple colored bangs give this cut a bold and edgy feel. With a headdress like this you will definitely stand out in the crowd.Platinum Haircut with Colored BangsPageboy Haircut with Layers

Even ultra-short strands look better with layers. If you want to gain some volume in your short hair, then don’t hesitate to pull off layers. Ask your stylist for a shot haircut with various wispy layers. Find your favorite hairstyle and show the picture to your stylist. You can wear bangs as well. These short strands require minimal styling.Pageboy Haircut with LayersRetro Inspired Pageboy

Many years ago pageboy hairstyles have been the most popular choice among women. It seems retro hair trends are making their great comeback and these pictures are the best proof. So, you can cut the strands in one length all the way around the head and then making them supper straight to get the mushroom effect.Retro Inspired PageboyOmbre Pageboy Haircut

If you play with colors your pageboy haircut will have a trendier appearance. Take example from this model. Her washed out blue hair makes a great combo wit medium brown strands. It is a modern version of a pageboy haircut. You may also experiment with your favorite light tones such as purple and pink to create a cool look.Ombre Pageboy Haircut