Incredible Glitter Hairstyle Ideas

If you love changes and sparkling hairstyles then you will definitely love glitter hair trend too. Well, if you have decided to have glitter hair then you should know how to mix the colors in a right way. It is important to find something that works with your current hair color and makeup, although you can switch up your color too. The holidays are close and you need to choose a sparkling hairstyle, outfit makeup and etc. So what can be better for holidays rather than glitter hair? Check out these head-turning pictures. Incredible Glitter Hairstyle IdeasFrench Braid Glitter Hair

The hair has been French braided and then enhanced with the help of glitter. The glitter here just highlights the gorgeous styling of the strands. It also works well with the wearer’s makeup and overall style. This style shows off how hair glitter can boost everything. It is always fun to play with a glitter and create a feminine and unique style.French Braid Glitter HairPurple Glitter Roots

What about this style? Purple hair color and sparkling roots create an excellent style for your next party. Using the glitter on your roots you can create an illusion in any shade by both drawing attention and giving the rest of hair even more interesting appearance. Note that glitters make a great option when you want to conceal your reveled roots.Purple Glitter RootsCandy Pink Glitter Hair

Here is another adorable glitter style that looks super girly and sexy. The silver glitter has been added to candy pink hair to create even girlier style. This style is for ladies who want to re-create a Barbie doll look and they don’t fear to go for various experiments. Anyway if you have already had pastel pink hair then simple pull your hair up into a high ponytail and then use glitter throughout the roots.Candy Pink Glitter HairDouble Buns and Glitter Roots

In this picture the hair has been sectioned in two parts and pulled high into double buns. Revealed roots have been covered with glitter. Anyway apart from the styling, the strands also have a unique hair color that requires using half and half hair coloring technique, paint mint green-blue shade on one side and purple shade on another. You will definitely steal the spotlight with a headdress like this.Double Buns and Glitter RootsGold Foil Glitter Hair

It is not necessary to have a pastel hair color to rock glitters since they look great on natural hair colors too. This is a great sample with gold foil flakes sitting to one side of an elegant side-swept hairstyle. Anyway glitter and foil flakes give an extra pop to the brown strands and provide wearer with a feminine appearance.Gold Foil Glitter Hair