Latest Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2022

Well, all are curious about the latest hairstyles for 2022. So, what is going to be trendy in the coming seasons? We can know about it by following runway shows. According to the popular hairstylists 2022 hairstyle trends are all about duality. On the one side we have the fierce yet severe styles achieved with hair gels and on the other side we have subtle and cute hairstyles created with the help of texturizing spray. If you have a lazy nature you can give freedom to your flyaway strands.    Latest Runway Inspired Hairstyles for 2022Side Parted Hair

Side part and center part hairstyles are back. However in some runway shows the models have been spotted with a side part paired with a ponytail. In Lavin and Louis Vuitton the side parted strands have been combined with flowing long locks and just a touch of hair gel at the crown to keep the things neat and clean. You are free to choose the way you want to rock a side part.Side Parted HairIncredible Curls

In coming 2022 you should consider embracing your natural texture. Well, the curls are going to be big and bold. They are a really fun hair choice particularly when they are done in a messier and more natural pattern. At Alexander Wang runway show the model’s hair was naturally curled and sprayed with a bit of salt water. Just a little wet and everything is ready.Incredible CurlsWet Looking Hair

Wet looking hairstyles don’t show any sign of disappearing in 2022. All ladies out there who hate the blow dryer will definitely love this super sleek and surprisingly easy to achieve look. So, to create a style like this you need to comb your hair while it is still wet and then pile on the gel and mousse for hold. Note that you can create it either in a side part or a combed back style.Wet Looking HairLow Side Ponytails

Another easy hairstyle is a low side ponytail that doesn’t require special effort to create. This headdress works on any hair type and length. The best thing about ponytails is that they can be rocked both formally and casually. You can always enhance the look of your ponytail with some patterns such as braids and twists.Low Side PonytailsLow Braided Buns and Twists

Low braided or twisted buns are as popular as ponytails. They make an excellent choice for special events and have a timeless romantic feel.  Anyway we could see such hairstyles at Kenzo and Erdem. You have a choice to opt either for a braided or a twisted bun.Low Braided Buns and Twists