2022 Curly Hairstyles for Men

Keeping up with the latest hair trends, means to show off your natural texture. The latest curly hairstyles for men 2022 feature pretty long hair to reveal curls. Hairstyles with long locks on the top and short sides and back provide with plenty of texture. Compared with other hair types, curly hair requires a different approach. Not all barbers are skilful enough to work with curls so check out whether your barber is ready to create your desired haircut or not. Here are some inspiring curly haircuts. Check them out for better ideas!2017 Curly Hairstyles for MenCurly Side Part Hairstyle

Side part makes this curly hairstyle stand out. If you can’t get a side part with a comb, get it with a shaved part. But don’t forget to pair it with perfectly curved lines. The hair on the top is long enough to show off natural curly texture. However this haircut looks ridiculously gorgeous when combined with thick, well-groomed beard. If you were going to shave your beard, just stop there!Curly Side Part HairstyleLong Curls

This is a prominent hair color among Afro-American men. Tight kinky curls don’t have to be cut super short to look neat and stylish. This fresh cut features length on the top that is worn up high with a taper around the sides and back. When it comes to styling, you don’t have to do anything else rather than leaving your locks to fly freely.Long Curls for menCurls with Razor Patterns

This high bald fade makes an excellent canvas for geometric hair designs. Pick your favorite patterns and have them on the side of your head. The long curly top works really well with patterns and bald fade. However, due to the bald fade the designs are pretty visible. Since this style is already chic you don’t have to keep up your facial hair long and thick.Curls with Razor PatternsMen Bun for Curly Hair

If your hair is long enough, you can try out a man bun with a high fade. If you have an appropriate cut the design is pretty easy to recreate. Start by making a ponytail at the back of the head but don’t pull hair all the way though the final loop of elastic. This hairdo brings out all the beauty of the cut. Don’t try to control flyaway strands, since they only enhance the style.Men Bun for Curly HairCurly Fringe Hair

Curly hair looks its best when worn in messy pattern. This cut keeps enough length at the hairline that can be worn loose like above or to be slicked to one side. To make your ringlets even shiner you can apply some hair products. It is a style that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd.Curly Fringe Hair