Best Collage Hairstyles for Guys in 2022

Always looking good in collage is priority for guys. Well, that’s a bit daunting. The easiest way to look good is to have a right haircut. That’s not a secret that almost all guys are seeking an effortless and easy-to-do hairstyle that is also in style. Nowadays it is possible to achieve a haircut, that also both trendy and low-maintenance. Below you can see best collage hairstyles for guys in 2022. Check the pictures and get inspiration for your next trip to your barber. Loose Comb Over 

A high contrast between side and top is trendy option for collage guys. There is nothing complicated about this style. It requires combing the hair to the side without the use of styling products. Faded sides draw attention to the style. It is all about a right haircut, so show this picture to your hairstylist and ask for a style like this. This headdress looks great on everyone regardless of face features and hair texture. Textured Faux Hawk 

Faux hawk is a less fierce version of Mohawk. Faux hawk has always been a fashionable option for guys. The style is quite versatile and it can be worn differently. Be that messy or clean, faux hawk provides with a mind-blowing hair look. If you want to make your faux hawk look natural, avoid using hair products. Use your fingers to give it a shape of faux hawk.Side Swept High Fade 

Short hairstyles are really easy to maintain and this side swept style is no different. This style looks neat and polished when paired with high fade on the sides. As soon as you get a haircut like this, you just need to sweep you hair to the side and everything is done. The best thing is that it requires no more than two minutes to achieve. Side swept style will be appreciated by classic men. Brushed Back Hair 

Is there easier way to style your hair, rather than brushing it back? When you brush your hair back, it will provide with volume and lift in the front. This style is impressive because of its effortless design. Use your blow-dryer to enhance volume and movement throughout your locks. With a hairstyle like this, you will definitely steal the spotlight. Shaggy Hair 

Shaggy hairstyles are popular not only among females but also men. Here is the proof of my words. The medium shag brings out this man’s facial features while showing off incredible texture. It requires some time to grow your hair to this length but it is worth your effort and time.