Black Ombre Hair Colors for 2022

Black ombre hair colors are always in trend as they bring the softest touches to the hair industry. The trend has been popularized all over the world as it requires low maintenance and provides with various styling options. We can see black ombres everywhere- from magazines to the runways shows. Black can be paired literally with any shade-, be that natural or pastel. You do really have endless options, like you can go natural, colorful soft or something else. View our gallery of black hair colors for 2022 and you will definitely find your inspiration.Black Ombre Hair Colors for 2017Black to Pastel Grey

Pastel hair colors are totally amazing as they give an extra pop to black tones of the strands. They provide an excellent contrast. This particular hair hue has something irresistible in it and you can do nothing about it. So if you are looking for something really different, consider this option as it is outstanding. Ask your colorist to create a transition from black to pastel grey.Black to Pastel GreyBlack to Caramel 

Combine dark brown or black with caramel to end up with a style like this. If you look closer you will notice the shine of the strands that adds a dramatic touch to the style. The color has a power to turn the faces towards you in a party. You just need to finish the look by giving your locks some waves. Copy this style and you will not regret.Black to Orange Ombre

If you are fond of unexpected solutions then you will definitely love this solution. Orange adds a sparks to the black hair color. The black orange will highlight your facial features while giving a color to your face. Note that the color is pretty vibrant and bright. This option allows you to experiment with unnatural hair colors while maintaining your natural roots.Black to Orange OmbreBlack to Violet Hair Color

Nothing looks better than an ombre pattern like this. Now you can update your solid black hair color by adding violet hues to your locks. This style is an excellent option for dark-haired ladies. It is a definition of bold and stylish. Now you can look bold without going all over pastels. Style your strands in a right way to bring out the color.Black to Violet Hair ColorBlack to Brown Ombre Hair

If you are not ready for drastic changes, this natural looking ombre pattern is definitely for you. The roots are deep black and they gradually get lighter towards the tips. Both the black and brown are natural hues so they are going to flatter numerous skin complexions. The best thing about this style is that it is a low-maintenance look and can be worn everywhere.Black to Brown Ombre Hair