Bold Hairstyles with Braids for 2022

You can go bold while keeping your feminine side. How it is possible? Well, a hairstyle has always been a great option for accentuating your preferences and characteristic lines. A right hairstyle has the power to define your nature. So, today we are going to cover some impressive braided hairstyles with bold patterns for 2022. Braids are multiple, so you will definitely find the one that suits your best. Note that hair length is not so important because you may always customize any hairstyle for your own preferences. Just take your time to check these impressive pictures. Dutch Braid with Shaved Sides 

Everyone will insist that this hairstyle is nothing but a definition of femininity. Obviously, it has some bold features, such as side shaving but it never makes the look masculine. The hair is gathered in a regular Dutch braid that exposes the beauty of the shaved sides. You can pair the look with incredible earrings. You can also camouflage the shaved side whenever you don’t feel like showing it. Faded Sides, Side Lines and a Braided Bun 

What about a poetic yet bold bun like this? It is definitely one of those styles that speaks about the wearer’s bold side. You can never go wrong with this bun and you can wear it both casually and formally. First of all you need to have the sides shaved and lines drawn, and only after that think about the bun. You can introduce some creative hair accessories as well. Ask your hairstylist for some creative ideas.  Braided Mohawk and Shaved Sides 

This one is the boldest one, since it has not only a boldly shaved sides but also a bold color. The vivid shade draws all attention. But as you see the headdress consist of braids and some sides hair designs as well. If you are a party girl then you will love this idea. When it comes to the color, think twice before getting the shade since it is not something easy to achieve, plus a high maintenance. Short Shaved Sides 

Next one is for girls who have short hair. I have already mentioned that everyone can experiment with the style so you are not an exception too. Have a look at this hairstyle it has a bit long top that is double braided and boldly shaved sides that are impressive. 

Photo Credits: Stylish Hairstyles