Cornrow Hairstyles for 2022

Cornrows braids are exceptionally popular among black women but it is gaining popularity among women with different ethnicities as well. Cornrows may provide you with a casual as well as formal look. Here are amazing cornrows hairstyles for 2022. With cornrows you can create ponytails, formal updos or wear them loose. Perhaps it will be hard to achieve the cornrows by your own, so call your hairstylist and ask her for the greatest cornrow hairstyles. Before that, get your inspiration from the pictures below.Cornrow Hairstyles for 2018Ponytail and Cornrow

With a combination ponytail and cornrow, you can never go wrong. It is not a secret that ponytails look twice better when paired with different types of braids and cornrows are not exception too. The following ponytail requires cornrow braiding your front and by sweeping your half cornrow braids back tie in a ponytail like style. This headdress will draw attention to your face and bone structure.Ponytail and CornrowRope Cornrow Braids

The first thing that grabs attention about this style is a golden shade of tresses. You may get the shade with hair extensions as well. However, the braids are added to the style for a sophisticated hair look like this. Note that thin and thick braids are paired and then twisted and tied with a simple headband. Twisted look gives it a complicated appearance. So, it is an option as well, isn’t it?Rope Cornrow BraidsBantu Knots and Cornrows

Ready for a little bit extreme style? This is a hairstyle to take into consideration. The bantu knots and fringe like braids provide with a unique look. You may get the color you want. Obviously, grey and dark black shades go pretty well together. But if grey is not your thing, purple, blue or green are fabulous as well. It is a trendy hairstyle that will make you stand out in the crowd.Bantu Knots and CornrowsCornrow and Dutch Braid Pigtails

Here is another combination of braids that is no less sophisticated. The hairstyle starts with cornrow braids and ends with Dutch braids. These pigtails will give you a look of fashionista. They make a great option for casually outfits. The best thing is that the pigtails will take your strands out of your face. If you have some braiding skills, you may achieve the hairstyle by your own as well.Cornrow and Dutch Braid PigtailsSide Braids

You never need to braid your hair all the way up, to achieve a great hairstyle. Just have a look at this amazing ‘do. It requires braiding only one side and let the rest of stands cascade down. It is a fabulous hairstyle for women with short, medium or long hair.Side Braids