Cute Lace Braids Hairstyles for Girls

Braids are great to create a unique and mind-blowing look. There are so many types of braids that there is always something to tell about them. Today we are going to discuss feminine lace braids hairstyles that will definitely help you bring out your inner princess. They are easy to create despite their complicated look. Actually a lace braid is a half-French or half Dutch-braid that runs from one side of the head to another. Popular fashion bloggers have already managed to pull off this braid, now it’s your turn.Cute Lace Braids Hairstyles for GirlsLace Braid with Waterfall Technique

This is the most popular way of rocking a lace braid. To recreate this particular style you will need to use two different braiding techniques. This style is all about your braiding skills but you will definitely need your friend’s help. The rest of strands are kept straight to accentuate the elegant plaits and add contrasting appeal to the style.Lace Braid with Waterfall TechniqueDutch Lace Braid

If you are looking for that “wow” factor this hairstyle is the way to go. Well, it is pretty complicated headdress but there is nothing impossible. It features five Dutch plaits two of which are tailored on the head in a halo-like design. Note that before creating this headdress you will also need to crimp your strands that will provide with extra volume and depth. Combine these styles and get a head tuner hairstyle.Dutch Lace BraidDouble Lace Braids

Here is another simple yet pretty headdress that features two thin Dutch braids running down the back of the head blended with the rest of the strands. Actually you can create this hairdo by your own. The hairstyle looks great on the golden tresses but you can still spice it up with colorful hair accessories.  Double Lace BraidsLong Lace Braid

Longer tresses allow you to go for various lace braids. Here is a cool example of lace braid for longer strands that is just irresistible. To create this style you will need to have some skills. The braid starts high on the head and runs to the back. The sides are pulled into cornrow braids that join the main French braid at the back. Somehow this style forms a Mohawk like design that is amazing.Long Lace BraidFishtail Braided Updo

Here the fishtail braids run across the temples and end in an elegantly plaited French plait updo at the back of the head. Adorn this updo with the most feminine embellishments. This headdress is great for medium length hair as well. Anyway feel free to rock it both formally and casually.fishtail braided updo