Dark Hair Colors 2022

This summer dark hair colors are of great popularity especially for those who like natural hairstyle. When I say natural I really don’t mean boring or casual look. Dark hair color looks simply gorgeous if only hair is glossy and healthy. If you have already got natural dark hair and you simply want to upgrade your hairstyle you can go for numerous options and here are some of the best dark hair colors and coloring ideas for 2022.

Ombre_hair_color Ombre_hair

The easiest way to change your image and at the same time keep your natural hair color is to add few highlighted strands. It is already couple of years that hair highlighting has come back in modern hair trends and every year this collection is updated with new dazzling designs.

As we are talking about dark hair and highlights the best option will be blonde hair highlighting. The style of highlighting will depend on hair length and haircut, The hottest trend of 2022 summer is still ombre hair color that will give brand new look to your image. Dark brown and brunette hair color can be combined with darker shades of blonde like golden, dirty or sand blonde.

The innovation in hair coloring trends is balayage hair highlighting that is almost identical with ombre hairstyle but it looks more natural. This style can be created on both dark brown and dark blonde hair and the result will be just gorgeous. There are many other styles of hair highlighting that will glam up your natural hair.

Dark_Blonde_Hair_Color Balayage_Hair_Color