Different Ways to Wear Braids in 2022

It is the best moment to take your braid game to the next level. From crown, braids to box braids down it is really the time to try something different. Braids are versatile and there is always something for you to try out. It is fact that there are braids for every hair type including, long, medium, short, thin and thick. Regardless of your current hair type, check these braided hairstyles for 2022 and make sure to pick all of them for your everyday appearance. French Braid and Bangs 

These signature bangs paired with French braid are everything. You can’t go wrong with this amazing hairstyle. It is excellent to wear both formally and casually. However, you can even spice up the look with some colors. How about hair extensions?  A pop of color will give a new breath to your regular hairstyle. However, the best thing about this style is that it is super easy to get. Box Braids Hairstyle 

Any Afro-American woman is a queen of rocking a box braid, but recently the braid has become popular among all women around the world. The best thing about box braids is that you can turn them to any updo you want. Whether you are a fan of a ponytail or bun, then go ahead with it after getting the box braids. Here is the best example to get inspired from. Micro Braids and Ponytail 

This high ponytail wouldn’t look so impressive without the details. Have a look at the micro braids, they add extra charm to the style and take the ponytail to the next level. Since the headdress is not so difficult, you can create it by yourself as well. Just braid some sections of your locks and pull them up with the rest of strands. Still, it is a style that you can rock both casually and formally.