DIY Up-do Hairstyles

Up-do hairstyle is popular trick to have elegant and neat look and that’s why pulled up hairstyles will never go out of the fashion. The versatility of up-do hairstyles is breathtaking and it is simply impossible to look through all the available up-do hairstyles. Most designs are too complicated and only pro stylist will be able to create such style.. But now I am not going to talk about sophisticated up-dos. It is much easier to create simple up-do hairstyle for your own than ask for the help of professional. I decided to get some inspiration from celebrities so take a look at these DIY up-do hairstyles and practice your skills to copy the most beloved one.

celebrity faux bob hairstyle wavy faux bob

First style that I want to show you is wavy faux bob. I have not once mentioned that bob haircut is the trendiest hairstyle. If you want to have bob haircut but do not want to chop off long hair, you can opt for faux bob hairstyle. Begin styling hair curly with hot rollers or curling iron. Try to create tight and well defined curls for long lasting hairstyle. Then tie hair in a loose ponytail and hide the edges underneath. At last, fix the style with few pins and spritz hairspray.

celebrity top knot hairstyle

simple top knot hairstyle

side_chignoncelebrity side chignon

Next easy-to-do hairstyle is top knot.  I hope everyone knows how to create top knot. It can be a bit tousled for casual look or neat to complete formal outfit. Side chignon is next popular and cute up-do that will complete your evening gown. Again, start curling hair with large barrel iron to have soft waves. Make deep side parting and tie hair in side ponytail. Then twist loose edges and fix with a band. At last, wrap a strand around the band to hide it and make your hairstyle even more glamorous.

Ponytail hairstyle is a lifesaver for all girls because it takes only few minutes to style. I want to show you another example of ponytail that will be suitable for special occasions. This celebrity up-do is a combination of twists and ponytail. You can place twists on both sides or combine twisted bang with simple ponytail.

celebrity ponytail hairstyle