Easy Updo hairstyles for Everyone in 2022

Updos could never be outdated and you can wear them for every occasion including formal and informal. There are so many types of updos that you can choose your favorite option. Indeed, it should be proper for your hair length and natural texture. Check these pictures of easy updo hairstyles for everyone in 2022 and choose the one that is the best for you. 

Windblown Updo Hairstyle

Anne Hathaway is rocking a mind-blowing updo that is just amazing both for the formal and casual look. This edgy updo makes a big impact and will last all night. The advantage of this style is the teased up hair that provides with volume and texture. If you have thin hair then it is a great idea for you since the style will make your hair appear thicker. All you need is just a right outfit. Highlighted Updo with Side Bangs 

The coolest thing is not just the updo, it is the color that draws attention. If you are in love with the look and also want to have it, consider playing up with highlights and try a complex style full of movements. The updo works great for older women as well. Note that the updo is spiced up with a bang. It gives a younger touch to the style. Get the highlighted version of the updo and you will not regret. French Braided Updo 

French braids look better when paired with updos. It is a perfect hairstyle to wear to a wedding or any other gathering. No wonder, this updo is preferred by Hollywood celebrities as well. Note that the updo is more beautiful when paired with messy styling. It is easy to create, just make sure to keep your bobby pins close to you.  Teased Chignon

As you can see messy styles are highly popular among celebrities. Indeed, elegant styles also can have loose pieces. Just make sure to style your locks exactly like Cardi B. The locks look windswept and beautiful. Pull your hair up, and tie with an elastic, but don’t forget to leave pieces out of your updo.