Gigi Hadid’s Best Hairstyles to Copy in 2022

The 20 years old stunning beauty Gigi Hadid today is considered as one of the most seductive American models and TV personalities in the world. She represents the most astounding and expensive fashion houses and differs with her unique and inspiring style. But what mostly interests us is her hair. This is the case when we deal with luscious, healthy and attractive hair type. It is beautiful even on bad hair days and therefore we will be admired by the best hairstyles of Gigi Hadid to try in 2022. Let’s go!Gigi Hadid Long Curly Hairstyle

The lovely side parted curls that Gigi used to rock is now very trendy and festive. This is a cool hairstyle for different formal parties and special occasions. It is luxurious and can be worn on thick long tresses.

How to Style: Start with dry hair. Apply hair cream from the middle part to the tips. Comb gently and go for big curls using a large-sized curling iron. Then pull all to one side and make the top neat and voluminous at the same time. If you have thin hair then tease the crown part and spray hair spray. Run your fingers thorough the curl once they are cool and you’ll get bombshell waves. Fix the final look with light hair spray.gigi hadid long curly hairstyle 2016Gigi Hadid Sleek Ponytail Hairstyle

The high, sleek and tight ponytail hairstyle worn lately for Balmain’s fashion show is the next powerful hairstyle that Gigi rocks so beautifully. It is a comfy and classy hairdo for business ladies.

How to Style: Start with slightly damp hair. Rub hair protective crema from the top to the tips. Flat iron and brush all smoothly. Then apply hair wax on the top and brush all back, gather all into a high and tight ponytail hairstyle keeping the top as sleek as possible. Finish by brushing the tail.gigi hadid ponytail hairstyle 2016Gigi Hadid Tousled Updo Hairstyle

Though we seldom see Gigi in elegant and festive updo hairstyles but the ones that she chooses are super feminine and hot. This tousled and loose updo is a big trend for 2022 and you can copy it for the coming wedding party or formal occasion.

How to Style: Tease the top part of hair and spray hair spray. Then curl all into messy and loose waves. Gather a low or medium loose updo hairstyle with bobby pins leaving a huge fringe out of the updo to frame the face. If you don’t have long bangs you can just leave out a short layer on the front.Gigi Hadid with Tousled Party Updo 2016Gigi Hadid Bob Hairstyle

Perhaps the shortest hairstyle that Gigi has worn so far is the following short bob. It is quite voluminous and original in its style. Many try to find out the secret of this hairdo but it’s a simple slicked back hairstyle achieved by the right styling techniques.

How to Style: It’s better to style it on dirty or second day hair. You will easily get the look by hair styling products such as waxes or creams. But before applying them, make sure your locks are straight and smooth. The final effect is going to be a wet-looking hairstyle combed all backwards. If you like you can change its direction to the side part. gigi hadid bob hairstyle 2016Gigi Hadid Brown Hair

And the recent boom that Gigi has allowd on her appearce is the dark brown hair color. This blonde lady is now in a warm brown shade which goes well with her complexion and eye hue. This is the latest Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week 2022. She is so different and eye-catching in the dark shade.Gigi Hadid brown hair at Fashion Week Fall 2016 COPYRIGHT © HAIRSTYLES, HAIRCUTS AND HAIR COLORS ON HAIRSTYLES_GALAXY.COM