Hairstyles That Will Inspire You to Chop off Your Hair

It is says when woman chops off her locks, she is about to start a new life. Whether that’s about you or not, but chopping all your hair off will change your life. A new haircut will provide with a whole new look. A few of us is ready to take the plunge that is much more difficult but the right stylist and inspiration will help you do the first step. Just check these incredible short hairstyles and prepare yourself for new a short crop. hairstyles for short hair in 2018Hairstyle for Short Hair and Bangs 

No doubt, fringes are back. And the short feathered style is the hottest way of rocking a short crop. Side swept bangs are as effective as full ones. No wonder, both celebrities and ordinary women are in love with the style. If a short crop is your thing, this is the best style you need to take into consideration. Short and Layered Side Swept Style 

Look to gorgeous Sienna Miller to know how you need to wear your short hair in the upcoming seasons. A tousled do, looks totally amazing in a side swept style. Indeed, the layers are the most important patterns of the style. If you are about cutting off your locks, show off this picture to your hairstylist and ask for the same style. short layered haircutSuper Short Pixie 

Well, if you are brave enough to chop off the generous amount of your locks, then this style is for you. This short crop perfectly accentuates the cheekbones and jawline. Before adopting this ultra-short haircut, make sure that you have an appropriate face shape. Even with a solid hair color, this crop will make you stand out in the crowd. Short and Layered Side Swept Style Hairstyle for Short Hair on Round Face

What really complements a Round face shape is a blunt-edged square bob. It gives this face shape more structure. If a bob haircut is your choice go for a style that is a few inches longer than a regular bob as it tends to balance your round face. But if you want to go for a shorter style, pick choppier straight layers to complement your face. The best example is shown below.Hairstyle for Short Hair on Round FaceHairstyle for Short Hair on Square Face

Square face has bee softened with a rounder short hairstyle. Whether you decide to choose a full ‘60s cut or a long pixie with feathery layers, the crop is going to soften the angular jawline. There are still many other styles that complement square faces, so you have plenty of ideas to choose from. Do your best pick up.Hairstyle for Short Hair on Square Face