Lazy Winter Hairstyles for 2022

The cold weather always slows everything down. The hardest thing is to get out of bed and get dressed. Well, it goes without saying that on winter months most of girls are looking for hairstyles that are easy to maintain and don’t require lots of time for styling. So today I have selected some lazy winter hairstyles for 2022 that stand out with their simplicity. These hairstyles will not take more than five minutes for styling. You can try all of them since you don’t have anything to lose.casual hairstyles for 2022Messy Side Braid

Tossed to the side is as simple as it can get with this braided style. It is so easy to create this style, so you will have to start with a texturizing spray for extra dimension. Then flip your hair to one side and get to braiding. The most important thing to keep in your mind is that we are not aiming for perfection. Once the braid is done, pull out some strands for a better nonchalant look.Tousled Waves

Here the main idea is to have a disheveled look. So to create this headdress you will need to grab your curling wand for a quick style that you are sure to love. Turn your curling iron to a medium-setting to add some soft waves to your hair. After you have curled the random pieces, brush softly the waves and add a bit of coconut oil for a cute look.Tousled WavesBoxer Braids

Boxer braids are all over Instagram. Now you can show off your sporty side with boxer braids that are possible to wear several days. So, section your strands down the middle and tightly braid two inverted plaits. You can choose any braid of your liking – from fishtail to Dutch braid. You can even mix several types of braids to achieve a unique boxer braids hairstyle.Double Buns

It is impossible not to fall in love with these double buns. There is nothing easier rather than creating double buns. Section your hair into two parts and then style them into two buns as you would normally do one. One bun is good two is better! This adorable style will definitely make you simple whenever you catch yourself in the mirror.Double BunsHead Wrap

Winter headbands come in handy when you want to feel comfy and stylish at the same time. Well, in this case the most important thing is choose a right hair accessory. When it comes to hair styling you should do it according to your accessory, but updos are always great for this option.  Head Wrap