Men’s Faux Hawk Hairstyles for 2022

Men’s faux hawk hairstyles are considered to be the most popular ones. And this is because these designs are easy to style and work well on any hair length and type. The name already gives us idea that it resembles the iconic hairstyle without shaving the most of the head. It is a less bold version and makes an excellent choice for men who want to opt for a Mohawk without shaving the head. There are many variations of faux hawk styles that you can get. Check out our post about men’s faux hawk hairstyles for 2022 to have some new ideas about these hairstyles.Men’s Faux Hawk Hairstyles for 2022Faux Hawk with Taper Fade

I have already mentioned that shaved sides are not necessary for faux hawks. This amazing faux hawk hairstyle features a high-low fade. The stands on the top have a medium length and styled up into spikes to create a sophisticated and chic hairstyle. This headdress is created according to the latest hair tendencies so by wearing it you will definitely make a fashion statement.Faux Hawk with Taper FadeModern Short Faux Hawk

When it comes to faux hawk the length is not important since it can be created on shorter locks as well. This particular faux hawk is more about the shape rather than a length. The lovely cut makes it easy to style longer hair at the forehead that can be either spiked up or worn down. You can apply some hair products to achieve better effect.Modern Short Faux HawkMessy Faux Hawk

This particular faux hawk features a mid fade and longer strands at the top that are styled in a messy pattern. If you want to enhance the look of your faux hawk add some highlights. This is an excellent option to give a modern touch to your hairstyle. The highlights will also accentuate your natural texture. Just make sure to get something according to your natural hair color.Messy Faux HawkFaux Hawk Hairstyle

It is neither faux hawk nor Mohawk; it is something between these two hairstyles. This haircut has shaved sides and pretty long strands on the crown of the head. The locks in the front are styled in a modern pompadour while the hair on the back is spiked. It is a cool yet unexpected combination that makes this hairstyle stand out.Faux Hawk HairstyleLow Fade Faux Hawk

It is a very short Mohawk with a little bit longer hair at the top of the head. This Mohawk has been paired with a low fade and a shaved part. It is an excellent option for men with shorter strands. Anyway it doesn’t require lots of time or effort to pull off a hairstyle like this one. If you love it just go ahead with it!Low Fade Faux Hawk