New Braided Hairstyles

Braided hairstyle will never go out of the fashion and this statement has been proved with infinite modern braided hairstyles included in the newest hairstyles trends. Any style of braid will look stylish and elegant so learn some plating options to create beautiful braided hairstyle.
2022 spring hairstyle trends are updated with beautiful braided hairstyles and I have chosen the most creative styles of braids for your consideration.
Recent fashion shows represented new designs of braids. I must say that I loved all the styles. Side messy braid was A style of past season, and half braided hairstyle will be the trend of new season. Half up do hairstyle has so many advantages and because of them this style will always be trendy. The combination of half up-do with braids can turn your hairstyle into style statement so do not miss your chance to become the owner of the hottest hairstyle.
Hair guru Herve Leger represented brand new design of braid with deep side parting. It seems that every single detail in this hairstyle is planned, deep side parting, sleek hair and of course braids. So follow these simple styling steps and create picture perfect look.
Begin the styling process by applying straightening and heat protection serum. This trick will ease the styling process and protect hair from heat damage. Style hair with flat iron for perfect look.
Create deep side parting and fix it with hairspray or wax. Do not apply too  much product, otherwise hair will look greasy. Now it is time to create braid. If you have plaiting skills you can create thin cornrow braid or you can have simple French braid. Start plaiting from the ear and go on to the nape. Then pull it back and fix with pins creating half up-do. Separate thin strand from the other side, twist it and pull back hiding under loose hair. Your hairstyle is almost ready. Apply shine serum to add blinding gloss and voila, you can rock it.
half braided hairstyle half up-do hairstyle
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