Pink Hair Colors Ideas

Recently futuristic and non traditional hairstyles are of great popularity and millions of girls choose bold styles to stand out in a crowd. This is the main reason why hair gurus go beyond the rules and every year represent more dramatic and extraordinary hairstyles.

The combination of bold haircut and hair color can totally transform your look but you should be very careful when choosing new image for you. Make sure you are ready to wear such eye catching hairstyle. Well, if you have already made up your mind to go for changes, I have prepared for you amazing solution for your beauty dilemma. At this time I have chosen pink hair color as an alternative shade for nontraditional image. Fruity and joyful pink will brighten up your look in a flash and turn your casual haircut into a style statement.

subtle pink color
pale pastel pink hair
Color palette includes several shades o pink both bold and subtle so it will be wise to check out some examples of pink hair colors and then go for changes. Modern hair coloring techniques offer you wide range of opportunities. You will be able to fulfil even the most unimaginable design. You can combine two and more colors and create fantastic look. It is all up to your imagination and creativity.
dip dyed pink hair dark pink highlights
bright pink hair color dark hair with pink highlights


When it comes to pink hair color, hair gurus offer several solutions. Technicolor shades like blue, pink, green, violet and others have invaded color industry so you will have no difficulties when choosing proper shade for you. pink color has many shades, you will find pastel and more natural tones of pink, blonde with pink undertone, Atomic pink, red with pink undertone, purple with pink shade and many other tones of pink.
After you have chosen pink shade, you should decide whether you want to have block colored pink hair or pink highlights. For more natural look you can choose pastel shade of pink for block coloring. Of course, hair highlighting has its unique place and is more popular than block coloring. Chunky hair highlights attracts more attention and looks daring. Pink color looks equally stunning when combined with dark and light colors. You just need to find proper combination. If you have blonde hair, you can choose any shade of pink from natural to bold dark shades, while dark base tone like brown or black will look gorgeous when combined with darker tones of blonde.
celebrity pink hair color katy perry pink hairstyle

celebrity pink highlights

celebrity bold pink hair

smashing pink hair

multi pink hair colors
icy blonde and pink
black and pink color
cute pink highlights
dark pink hair color