Sassy and Edgy Shaved Hairstyles for Females

Have you ever thought of shaving your head? If no, then it is the highest moment to consider edgy shaved hairstyles for females. Indeed, these hairdos are not for faint-heart ladies. There are shaved hairstyles for everyone even for those who are working at stricter workplace. The best thing about shaved hairstyles is that, they may provide you with a bold look without full commitment. You can go for hidden shaved designs that pop up only when you style your strands in an updo. These pictures will give you an idea on how the clippers may change up your entire look.shaved hairstyles for femalesCute Side Shaved Bob

You want to play up with this trend, but your working atmosphere doesn’t allow? Well, this style is the way to go. The buzzed side gives you a chance to experiment with the trend while still looking professional. Indeed, it provides with a bold girly touch. However, you can camouflage it whenever, you are not in mood to look bold. As for styling, give your locks waves and sweep them to the side to bring out the undercut.  Cute Side Shaved BobNape Undercut and Updo

This is a great hairstyle for young ladies who want to try everything. In case if you are not sure about shaving, consider this undercut on the nape of the neck. It allows you to keep your mysterious design hidden when you wear your hair down. However, with a simple movement of your hair you can transform your look from subtle to bold. Draw your inspiration from this style.Nape Undercut and UpdoLayered and Shaved Undercut

If fragility isn’t your thing, consider this edgy hairstyle. Indeed, it will help you make a fashion statement and stand out in the crowd. This complicated style features heavy layers on top and clean shaved undercut. When it comes to your hair color, you can wear either solid or pastel hair shade, in both cases you will have an edgy look.Layered and Shaved UndercutVoluminous Pixie Haircut with Shaved Sides

It is not a simple pixie. The sides and the back of the head have been shaved while the strands on top are left long to add some drama to the look. This haircut is an excellent option for elongating your face shape. However, the pixie is styled with volume to create a contrasting look with shaved sides. Bold pastel blue comes in handy to soften the pixie and add some more edge to the style.Spiky Pixie Haircut

Here is another bold look for females with short hair. If you want to revamp your pixie, shave it along the back of your head and enhance your edge factor with crazy spikes. The style looks great on a layered pixie. For styling, you just need to rub some hair gel to your palm and play up with your locks. Consider switching up your hair color as well.Spiky Pixie Haircut