Slicked back hairstyles for women

Slick back hairstyle

This style is perfect for women who have a hectic schedule. You don’t need to waste your time on wearing the style and it needs zero maintenance. If you want to wear this style you should have smooth and straight hair. Use a hairspray to make your hair wet and later slick them back using a comb. The balanced dampness on the hair can help you making a simple but gorgeous head-turning style.

Slick back hairstyle

Back hairstyle 2014
Sleek Bun

French twist or so called Slicked back bun is the most famous style among women. Most of female stars like wearing it on red carpet. It is very acceptable for casual and formal events. You can even wear it at office. You can also wear it at home. The only things you need are comb, hair gel, bobby pins and clips. Use a hair gel to make your hair wet and pull your hair back using a comb. To tie your hair, use a clip. At last, twist the edges of your made ponytail into a bun and lock it using bobby pins.


Sleeked Bun hairstyle
Sleek ponytails and braids

For many years sleek ponytails and braids have been actual. Even this year these styles are going to be worn by women. Such stars as Jennifer Lopez and Audrina Patridge wear these style on the red carpet. To wear a ponytail, inject some hairspray into your hair, comb them and later gather your hair at the back part securing it with the help of a hair clip. For a braid, you should part your hair into 3 parts and twist the strands around each other.

Sleek ponytail hairstyle

Sleek ponytails 2014