Styling Ideas for Retro Curls

You will not be surprised if I say that retro hairstyle is one of the most popular and glamorous one among newest hairstyles trends so I have decided to devote this post to retro hairstyles.

50s curly hairstyles retro curly hairstyle

Old Hollywood image can make you the queen of the party so stop blending in the crowd and turn your hair into a real piece of art for coming party. There are many retro hairstyles that have survived the decades but the best one is retro wavy hairstyle. Marcel waves can be created on any hair length.

Retro curly hairstyle was popular in late 50s and you could see every woman wearing glamorous wavy hairstyle. They used to style finger waves with fingers and pins but nowadays women can use curling iron and have similar smashing look. If you decided to wear retro wavy hairstyle for coming party, you can learn some styling ideas to have retro curls.

The most important thing about wavy hairstyle is curling iron. If you have shorter hair, you should use narrow barrel curling iron and vice versa. Before styling curls make deep side parting and straighten the roots for more polished look. In order to create flawless and long lasting waves fix each curl with hairspray. Then, when hair cools down, separate each curl carefully without tousling them and again spritz hairspray. Your hairstyle is almost ready. If you have long hair, you can wear it loose or styled in elegant up-do. As for me, retro hairstyle looks simply jaw dropping on short hair so take your styling skills to the next level and turn your short crops into celeb worth hairstyle.

pin up curls marcell wavy hairstyle