Tips to Straighten Hair Naturally

Every woman wishes to have attractive look and perfect hairstyle is the most important detail to have desired look. Most women think that super sleek hair is the best one to have sexy look. In fact, both curly and straight hair look attractive if only you have healthy hair so before thinking about seductive hairstyles you should take care of your tresses to have gorgeous hairstyle.

super sleek hair

Talking about straight hair, I must say that such hairstyle will always be trendy so you will not have to think whether your hairstyle looks trendy or not. Girls who do not have naturally sleek hair use flat iron or blow dryer to create super sleek hair. However, excessive usage of styling tools will damage your hair. So how you can get desired without damaging your tresses? There are several tips that will help you to straighten hair naturally. All the recipes and very simple and can be done at home. There is no need to spend lots of money on hair treatment and hair products, just keep on hand a pen and write down the tips.

Take juice of 1 lemon and mix it with a cup of coconut milk. Keep the mixture in refrigerator until it becomes creamy. Apply the mixture on hair and leave it for 10 minutes. Al last, wash it off as usual. When your hair is still wet, brush it and leave it dry naturally. You should be patient because this trick will not provide you with super sleek hair. Just continue using the treatment and you will soon have straight and glossy hair.

Take a cup of milk and mix it with 1tsp of honey and mashed strawberry. Apply the mask on your tresses and leave it for 2 hours. Wash it off with tiny amount of shampoo. Al last brush wet hair with comb and leave it dry naturally.

Another great tip that will give your hair shiny and silky touch is hot coconut oil. Hot oil treatment will not only make your hair straight and shiny, but will also revitalize your locks with necessary vitamins. You can leave the treatment for an hour or leave overnight for better result.

Last recipe that will be really efficient is the mixture of egg and olive oil. Take two eggs and mix it with tsp of olive oil. Before applying the mixture brush your hair thoroughly. Apply the treatment, leave it for two hours and wash your hair as usual.