Top Five Braids To Wear In 2022

Braided hairstyles are meant to take your hair out of your nape in a beautiful way. Some braided ‘dos are complicated while others can be achieved within minutes. If you have a little bit braiding skills you can achieve the most sophisticated hairstyles. Luckily, braids are for all hair types and textures. If right now you check your Instagram feed, you will see numerous braided styles rocked by popular beauty bloggers. Today we have tried to compile top five braided hairstyles to wear in 2022. We have used Instagram as an ultimate source of inspiration.braided hairstyles for 2018Crochet Braids

Crochet braids are gaining popularity day by day. Many prefer crochets over three-strands braids. When it comes to crochets, they tend to boost one’s volume and provide enough movement. They work not only on Afro-Americans but also females with other ethnicities. The best thing about crochets is that they are protective, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your strands with hair tools.crochet braidsHavana Twists

Actually, these large twists are done with soft extensions, and invisible root method to make the headdress appear more natural. It is a favorite style among the natural hair community. Havana braids are also protective, so they may last several days and even weeks. You have an opportunity to choose the most colorful extensions for your Havana twists. Just think out of the box for a whole new look.Havana braidMilkmaid Braid

After pinning the two braids together around the head, you will achieve an ethereal effect. Milkmaid braids are always in style as they provide with a chic look with less effort. Indeed, milkmaid braids are also versatile but to create them you should have enough hair length. When it comes to the type of braid, you may choose, fishtail, three-strands French or any other type of braid you want.milkmaid braidHalo Braid

Natural Hair owners love halo braids particularly when they are created with a three-strand braid or fishtail braid. Some prefer to fill empty spaces with cornrows. Here is an excellent design that mimics a halo braid. As you can see, you still have an opportunity to enhance your braid by using beads. In case if you don’t have enough hair length, opt for extensions.halo braidFishtail Braid

Everything can be changed in fashion, but fishtail plaits will always remain the trendiest braids ever. Thing we love about these braids is that they tend to add visual thickness to thin hair plus they can be rocked both casually and formally. Fishtails are great to achieved both on long and medium hair, and you can use these braids in various ways for a true unique headdress.fishtail braid